oils - urban myths

There are many Urban Myths surrounding the use of oils on your skin, especially in relation to facial oils

We are here to smash through those Urban Myths and show you how important and beneficial oils are for your skin



myth 1: oils will clog my pores

False. If you choose the oils that best match your skin-type you will find that the oils can actually cleanse your skin

When it comes to oil “like dissolves like”

Especially in relation to oily skin-types, you can use oil which is rich in anti-oxidants and nutrients to dissolve oils that are produced by your body but which are clogging your pores and, in cases, causing acne

Most products designed for use on oily skin work on the premise that dirt and oil should be removed from clogged pores.  But by removing the oil, this can cause a negative spiral effect

  urban myths - pores

However, the principle of “like dissolves like” or “oil dissolves oil” (known as the Dissolution Theory) can be used to dissolve oil and dirt which is lying deep inside the skin’s pores and clogging them, withdraw and remove dead skin cells, help remove bacteria from the skin, effectively remove makeup and sunscreen, and deliver anti-oxidants and nutrients to enhance the health of the skin


myth 2: oils are the skincare equivalent of bad fats in a diet and should be avoided

False. Natural oils (as opposed to synthetically-produced oils) are highly beneficial for your skin as they can have a multitude of attractive properties which will enhance the health of your skin

Oils that are highly emollient soothe and soften your skin while others have regenerative properties which means they aid the daily renewal of the surface of the skin and, so, slow down the aging process

 Others can be rich in essential fatty acids which maintain moisture, softness and elasticity in the skin which is particularly important for aging skin where essential fatty acids, naturally produced by the body, begin to decline

Others still can be high in anti-oxidants which protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals which can damage skin cells. They can calm inflammation, improve skin health and rejuvenate its appearance, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by plumping up the skin

When choosing skincare products which contains oils make sure the oils used in the products are natural and  not synthetically-produced.  Natural oils are derived from seeds, nuts or plants and contain the natural benefits offered by these natural derivative

  Ingredients - Jojoba Oil

You should also ensure that the oils used in the product are either cold-pressed, meaning that heat will not have been used to extract the oil and so all the skin loving nutrients will remain in the oil, or C02 extracted.  This is a method which ensures the extracted oils are the closest possible representation of the plant, itself, thus making them the purest and gentlest botanical extracts used in skincare

And finally, where possible, choose organic oils as this means that you’ll only be applying natural goodness to your skin and not any chemicals that could cause your skin health to suffer


myth 3: oils will make my skin greasy

Not necessarily.  If you use natural (preferably organic) oils derived using with the cold-pressed or C02 extraction methods, and if you choose the right type of oil for your skin, the oils should absorb quickly into your skin

If you have oily skin, you should use light oils.  For normal skin, you can also combine medium-weight oils.  And for dry skin you can apply heavier oils

However, you should apply oils in small quantities and liberally massage them into your skin until they absorb.  The reason most people feel that oils make their skin greasy is because they use the wrong type of oil on their skin or use too much

  urban myths - greasy


myth 4: I already use a moisturiser so I don't need to use an oil as well

False. Moisturisers and oils are two very different products which work in different ways

Oils are made up of smaller molecules which are absorbed deeper into the skin, penetrating the various layers of the skin.  They are also rich in vitamins and nutrients which keep your skin healthy

Moisturisers are usually liquid based, containing a high percentage of water which helps the product absorb quickly into the outer layer of the skin.  They are ideal for hydrating and protecting the outer layer of the skin from external radicals such as pollution.  They maintain the moisture balance within the skin and soften and reduce dead skin cells

The ideal solution is, therefore, a first thin layer of deeper penetrating oil followed by a moisturiser which will seal the oil in your skin making them optimally effective

Oils and moisturisers are better when used together

   urban myths - moisturiser


myth 5: oil-free products are better for my skin

False. There is an out-dated belief that noncomedogenic (products which will not clog your pores) must be oil-free

Quite simply, oil-free products do not exist.  If you look carefully at the ingredients label you will find some kind of oil used in the product, even in products which claim to be oil-free.  Oils are needed, if for nothing else, to enhance the texture and consistency of the product

Oils are important and beneficial for all skin types, including oily skin.  As mentioned above, oils cleanse your skin and bring so many beautiful properties to the party

   urban myths - oil-free


myth 6: oils are not an effective anti-aging product

False. Wrinkles are the recognised as a sign of aging.  But what are 'wrinkles'?

Wrinkles are dried up rivets in dehydrated skin.  Basically as the skin becomes drier and drier it begins to crinkle and lines appear

In contrast hydrated skin remains plump and taut for longer

Simply put, you can compare dehydrated skin with a raisin and plump hydrated skin with a grape... quite a difference

   urban myths - aging
  Oils are perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and, thus, reducing and slowing down the production of wrinkles which are associated with dry, dehydrated skin



We hope we have helped smash through some of the Urban Myths surrounding the use of oils on your skin, especially on your face

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