Simply Pampered Parties

Hey Beautiful.

It's that time.

Time to invite your girlfriends round for a bit of pampering.

And when it comes to luxurious pampering, Simply Skin knows how to do it in style.

So don't wait one more minute, book your party here, and call up your friends to tell them that it's Pamper Time!

Simply Pampered Party? What's that?

I'm so glad you asked.

A Simply Pampered Party is where my Simply Skin Party Consultant, Cathy, comes to your home and pampers you and your girlfriends from the full range of Simply Skin products.

It's the perfect introduction to a beautiful range of small-batch, artisan-made natural and organic skincare products.

You'll be introduced to Simply Skin's Scent Personalities, a concept unique to Simply Skin, whereby the scent used in each product range is carefully chosen to either enhance your natural personality or whisk you away to a fantasy land of dreams and desires.

You and your girlfriends shall be invited to try products from Simply Skin's full range: from facial products and lip products, to body products (you can try them on your arms... no undressing is required!) and foot products.

Each party is designed round a theme, such as Simply Amazing Autumn Skin (read more about this below), and you'll be given hints and tips relevant to this theme, such as how to maximise Autumn to prepare your skin for the forthcoming cold Winter months.

And at the end of the party everyone has the opportunity to order their favourite products from the Simply Skin range... and even get some free products! All orders shall be delivered to the address of the host (the person who is holding the party in their house).

Anyone who hosts a Simply Pampered Party shall receive extra goodies such as a thank you gift for being a host, and the opportunity to receive some beautiful free Simply Skin gifts.

Simply Amazing Autumn Skin Pamper Party

For a limited time only, from September 30th until December 2nd 2017, you can host a Simply Amazing Autumn Skin Pamper Party for you and your girlfriends.

During the Simply Amazing Autumn Skin Pamper Party you and your friends will be invited to pamper yourselves from the full range of Simply Skin products, with emphasis on recovering your skin after the warm Summer months and preparing it for the forthcoming season of cold Winter months.

Focus will be on keeping your skin hydrated during the drier Autumn air with serums and heavier moisturisers, avoiding cracked dry lips, and repairing sun damaged-skin with exfoliators.

The Perks of Being a Party Host

There are many perks to becoming a Party Host for your friends....

  • You will receive a free thank you gift from Simply Skin for so kindly hosting a party for your friends.
  • Depending on the value of the total party order, you will receive a variety of complimentary beautiful gifts from the Simply Skin range
  • You get to enjoy some luxurious pampering and girl-time with your best friends in the comfort of your own home.
  • After the party you can sit back and relax - no running for the last train, or having to go out into the night and drive yourself home.

Don't miss out... treat yourself and your friends to this season's Simply Amazing Autumn Skin Pamper Party. Book your party here.

Booking your Party and What Happens Next

To book your party simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Our Simply Pampered Party Consultant, Cathy, will then contact you to confirm the date of your party, provide you with some useful hints on how to host a successful party, and other important information to share with your party guests.

After your party, all orders will be sent to your (the Host) address after payment has been received from everyone.

Your personal order will automatically include any free gifts you receive as a result of the value of the whole party order.

Free gifts you can receive as a host:

  • When the total party order exceeds €350, you shall receive a free gift worth approximately €15.
  • When the total party order exceeds €500, you shall receive a free gift worth approximately €30.
  • When the total party order exceeds €750, you shall receive a free gift worth approximately €60.

And should one (or more) of your guests book their own party on the night of your party, you shall receive another free thank you gift which shall be sent after your friend's party has taken place.

The Simply Amazing Autumn Skin Pamper Parties are running for a limited time, from September 30th to December 2nd.

Don't miss out. Book your party today.

Still undecided? Read about what past hosts and guests have thought, here.

Please note: Simply Pampered Parties are currently only available within The Netherlands.