where self-love, bunnies & skincare beautifully collide

Welcome to the most glorious world where self-love and bunnies come together beautifully through skincare.

I’m Viv, Chief Skin Lover and Bunny Cuddler.

I’ll be your personal guide in our journey of discovery together; a journey of self-care, self-appreciation and self-love; a journey not just of personal fulfilment but one steeped in so much bunny love that your heart will simply overflow.

So without further ado, let me quickly tell you about Simply Skin and my passion.

skincare like no other

If I had one wish I would wish for you to always feel as gorgeous and lovely and beautiful in your body and skin as your soul is.  Because you are just soooo beautiful.  Every little cell in your body is a miracle full of life and energy and my products are here to help you feel and enjoy all this beauty within you. 

And they will!

Because this is skincare like no other and only the best goes into it: 

... created on behalf of beautiful rescued bunnies who now have the chance to enjoy a wonderfully happy and abundant life, overflowing with love... thanks to you

... a loving process of carefully handcrafting each product for you using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients

... the best ethics to be had; cruelty free, vegetarian-/vegan- friendly and environmentally sound

... just the right amount of woowoo to give that extra sparkle and good vibes

For those days when you are not quite feeling it, apply some of the sweetness from my lip butters and follow the simple steps to creating your own self-care (and self-love) routine that I have tried and tested myself. And before you know it, you'll be falling back in love the with beautiful person I already see vibrating and sparkling from inside of you!

Here's a free copy for you: ​

Now, how would you like to feel today?  My products are available in five very different moods so you can express your femininity the way you feel is most like you or with the mood you most crave. 

pure & sensitive

Simple yet luxurious, gentle yet extravagant. For women who prefer unscented products

oooh la la

Feminine, playful, sensual and flirty. For women who enjoy a bit of fun and lightness

exotic love

Exotic, warm and sensual like an Arabian night. For women who like to spice things up

sassy & sexy

Crisp, light, fresh and vibrant. For women who are always on the go

guilty pleasures

Warm, soothing, reassuring and comforting. Perfect for quiet, indulgent me-time

products with a whole lot of bunny gratitude...

.. for the support you give to rescued bunnies with each and every purchase.

Bunnies and the beauty industry do not have the most loving of partnerships when you consider the amount of cruelty that takes place, even today, through product and ingredients testing.

But that's where you, alongside Simply Skin, can truly make a positive impact. Because I believe the partnership between the two can blossom into a beautiful relationship when we, in the beauty industry, learn to love and put bunnies and other animals before our own vanity.

In essence I have created skincare products on behalf of beautiful rescued and abandoned bunnies. To make that more palpable, I have created the Simply Skin Bunny Initiative whereby you can help care for rescued bunnies through each and every product you purchase... and what's brilliant about the Bunny Initiative is you are supporting these bunnies without any additional effort because I do all the work for you.

To find out about the Bunny Initiative and just how much of a difference you're making in these beautiful creatures' lives, click the button below.

what others say

Facial Cleanser

"...It only takes a tiny amount to lather up into a rich, creamy delicious smelling foamy delight. It not only cleans my skin perfectly without drying it, it leaves my skin feeling moisturized and yet still somehow looking plump and amazing."

~ Rosemary

Spa Salt Scrub

" (it) does wonders on my skin, specially on my legs. I always struggled with very dry skin over there, and with this product my skin remains soft and silky, thanks to its oil content and it also perfectly removes old skin."

~ Gyongyi

Exotic Love Collection

"A daily act of love for myself. That's what my "exotic love" facial cleanser and scrub... are for me.
They make the stress of the day disappear before I go to bed and help me start my day on the right foot, feeling calm and Oh so pretty."


product of the month: spa salt scrub

No matter what the season, it's important to exfoliate on a weekly basis to slough away dull dead skin cells which haven't fallen away naturally and which can clog your pores.

In Autumn you may wish to use an exfoliating product that has an abundance of oils and butters as not only with it exfoliate your skin but will also moisturise, hydrate and nourish your skin, preparing it for the drier, colder months just around the corner.

Exfoliating in Autumn can also help repair damage caused by exposure to the summer sun, such as sun spots, which will begin to disappear as exfoliation reveals renewed skin.



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my name is... Vivienne McAlister-Geertz

But I prefer to be called 'Viv'.

It's truly difficult for me to put into words just how blessed I feel to be able to so positively combine my two passions: skincare and bunnies.

It wasn't the path I had foreseen myself following when I first opened the doors of Simply Skin but isn't it wonderful the journey that life takes us on?

I am so excited that I took the step to pursue one passion (creating skincare) and that that passion has taken me down a path where it now serves an even more meaningful purpose and supports my second passion, bunnies.

But it's not only about beautiful skincare and cute little cottontails. As Simply Skin has grown and blossomed it's become a beautiful blend of luxurious skincare products steeped in angelic love, beautiful radiant skin, a lesson (or lessons) in self-love and a whole lot of love for not just bunnies but for other ethics that are important to my heart and to my customers... it's become a brand that I feel deeply proud of.