2016 celebration

We want to thank you...

...for your loyalty and support throughout 2015



Looking back

...there were a number of changes that took place in Simply Skin in 2015...


...we went organic

To show our support for the organic farmers throughout the world who stand out from the crowd and choose the more difficult and costly route to grow their produce,

and to create even more beautiful products for you,

we decided to become as organic as possible


...we rebranded

With all the planned improvements for our products (becoming more organic and introducing Scent Personalities) we felt it important to update the Simply Skin logo so it too would become more soft and feminine


...we got certified

We have always been about creating cruelty-free products using cruelty-free ingredients

But in a world where large companies are forsaking principles for profits by pursuing sales in China where animal testing is required by law,

we thought it important to make our cruelty-free stance official and were recognised by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

We also decided to set up our "Beauty for Bunnies" initiative to financially support a local bunny rescue centre

   2016 - looking back

 we moved... 

Our production department moved to Switzerland in November

Whilst the move had been unexpected, it has proved to be a good move,

as you can now enjoy your favourite handmade skincare products with the added bonus of fresh, mountain air


we expanded the team...

As a result of the move to Switzerland we have recruited

Claire, our Simply Pampered Consultant who offers pamper parties in The Netherlands and in the Devon area in England

and Nikki, our NL Product Shipment Chief who will look after all our NL orders and ensure your products reach you quickly and at no extra delivery cost



...2015 certainly had its challenges and it was by no means an easy ride

But the continued loyalty and support we received from you, our customers, carried us through and made us more determined than ever to create beautiful handmade skincare products and follow our hearts, and our principles and beliefs


Looking forward

So what does 2016 hold?


...past challenges offer future opportunities

2015 really challenged our thinking and continues to do so as we continue to work our way through the Swiss rules and regulations so we can fully set Simply Skin up in our new country

But it also helped open our eyes and given us a glimpse of how the future could look if we focus and are determined


...plans to expand

so we have already started making plans to expand in 2016

Perhaps obviosuly, we plan to create a presence in our new country, Switzerland

But we also plan to expand further and are currently looking into building an online presence in the UK

Already we have found our dream UK Produce Shipment Chief, Joanne

All that's left if the official registration paperwork which we hope to complete in the first half of the year


    2016 - looking forward 

...more certification

We haven't yet received all the certifications we would like, simply because it is a time-consuming process

There are still a few more certifications we feel are important to our company, our products, and our customers' satisfaction and we aim to achieve these additional certifications in 2016


...new products 

there are a few new products we have had on our to-do list for sometime now but we have not created them yet as we first wanted to introduce and establish Scent Personalities that both we and our customers enjoyed

Now that we know our Scent Personalities are a hit with you all and have taken our skincare in a new and unique direction which celebrates your natural femininity,

we feel we are ready to begin slowly adding new products to the range



Let's welcome 2016 together

We truly want to say thank you to you for all your support in 2015

You've supported us when times were challenging and as we made radcial changes so we could be more true to our principles and beliefs

And now we want you to celebrate with us as we enter a new year

So we would invite all our loyal customers to enjoy a gift of 16Eur form us

  2016 - offer
    To enjoy your gift simply enter PARTY2016 at the checkout and you shall immediately receive 16Eur off your order
  • our celebratory offer ends at midnight (CET) on January 31st 2016
  • all normal terms & conditions apply
  • customers can make use of the offer once only


All that's left is for us to wish you, your family and your friends a happy, healthy and successful 2016

Thank you