A Peek Behind the Brand

Hello beautiful.

Thanks for joining me here for a peek behind my skincare brand. I hope what I write here will inspire you to join me on my journey and become a integral part in the future of Simply Skin.

First let me introduce myself so you can put a face and a name behind the skincare brand that, I hope, you will fall in love with. My name is Vivienne but my friends call me Viv. You can call me Viv.

I like to refer to myself as Simply Skin's Chief Skin Lover & Bunny Cuddler.

It's truly difficult for me to put into words just how blessed I feel to be able to so positively combine my two passions: skincare and bunnies.

It wasn't the path I had foreseen myself following when I first opened the doors of Simply Skin but isn't it wonderful the journey that life takes us on? I am so excited that I took the step to pursue one passion (creating skincare) and that that passion has taken me down a path where it now serves an even more meaningful purpose and supports my second passion, bunnies.

But let's start at the beginning and talk skincare.

The skincare I design and create contains some of the best ingredients that nature has on offer. Wherever possible, I choose organic ingredients and when it comes to oils I use, wherever available, a type of ingredient referred to as "Organic C02 Extracted Oils". "C02 Extracted Oils" is a fancy way of describing oils that are extracted from their source in such a way that they are deemed to be the purest and gentlest botanical extracts used in skincare. As you can, no doubt, gather from this, it is truly important to me that I design and create skincare products that will woo and seduce your skin, and leave it glowing with health and vitality.

But dig a little further into my Simply Skin brand and you'll soon discover that it is much more than beautiful, luxurious skincare products. Beneath the surface lies a skincare brand with a desire to re-ignite the sheer joy of pampering yourself (even if you have only a couple of minutes in the shower), and a skincare brand that invites you to celebrate your femininity and sensuality - all through the unique concept of Scent Personalities. You could describe Scent Personalities, which are unique to Simply Skin, as your alter-ego or inner-diva... the one that appeals to you most will either be an exaggeration of the woman you are deep within or the woman you dream to be, if even for a few minutes. By tapping into your alter-ego or inner-diva, you can escape into a fanciful and fantastical world. It is this escapism that enables you to cut yourself off from everyday reality and truly indulge, pamper and celebrate your femininity and sensuality. So whether you dream of an Exotic love affair or the challenge of conquering the world, I know you'll find the freedom and exhilaration you seek in one of my Scent Personalities.

When 'skincare' and 'bunnies' are mentioned in the same sentence together it usually has very negative connotations, with the skincare industry, both past and present, synonymous with serious acts of cruelty which have led to severe injury and often the death of many innocent bunnies. I have not only flipped this on its head by establishing a growing recognition for my brand as one which will always place principles before profits, ensuring that none of my ingredients or products are ever tested on an innocent creature, and becoming an accredited cruelty-free brand, I am taking this to a whole new exciting level - a journey that I hope you will join me on.

For a few of years now, since adopting our second bunny, Bobo, from a rescue centre for abandoned bunnies (our first bunny, Forrest, was adopted fro a friend who was moving Stateside), I have been financially supporting that same Bunny Rescue Centre from sales of my skincare products. I call this the Bunny Initiative. For each of my skincare products that you purchase I donate, on your behalf, at least €1 which goes directly to shelter, feed and provide daily cuddles to abandoned bunnies just like Pip, Ko, Brouwnie, and Bommel & BamBam until they find their loving forever home. These donations are the beginnings of my much larger dream for the Bunny Initiative. As Simply Skin grows and more and more bunny-friendly skin-loving customers come my way, my dream is to open a Simply Skin bunny rescue centre from sales of my skincare products. It's a huge dream but one which comes from my heart and a dream I know touches the hearts of many of my existing customers. And I'd love you to join us on this journey too.

To be able to combine and intertwine two passions that seem poles apart or which seem to only have a very negative connection, to be able to create beautiful luxurious products which not only make you and your skin look and feel beautiful but also support abandoned bunnies... well this is what dreams are made of. And this is why, everyday, I feel truly blessed.