Organic Avocado Oil


Organic Avocado Oil

Persia gratissima

This oil is cold-pressed from the fruit of the avocado

It is a high quality oil with outstanding regenerative properties

Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, this natural oil is reported to soften and revitalise rough, dry or aging skin.  It is full of vitamins A, B, D, E, protein, and lecithin; is highly emollient ((i.e. softens and soothes skin) and purported to have anti-wrinkle, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties

Avocado Oil penetrates the skin more deeply than other oils allowing it to transport nutrients through the outer epidermis of the skin and into the dermis for increased effectiveness.  It is great for all skin types and is especially kind to mature, sensitive or troubled skin

Additionally this oil is reputed to regenerate connective skin tissues, inhibits bacteria growth, nourishes and repairs dehydrated, scarred or mature skin, accelerates the healing process of wounds and skin burns, stimulates collagen metabolism to slow visible signs of aging


  Ingredients - Avocado Oil 

Organic Avocado Oil can be found in:

all our Guilty Pleasures product range, and

in all our Body Serums, and

in all our Lip Scrubs, and

in our Spa Relaxing Foot Rub and Spa Relaxing Foot Butter, and

Spa Revitalising Foot Rub and Spa Revitalising Foot Butter