Bunny Initative

Simply Skin... skincare that truly cares

Together we can provide shelter, food and cuddles for abandoned bunnies.

When you purchase a Simply Skin product I shall donate 10% of the product price on your behalf to a Rescue Centre for Bunnies.

It's difficult for me to put into words just how blessed I feel to be able to so positively combine my two passions: skincare and bunnies.

Whilst I don't wish to dwell on the negative, it is difficult to ignore the catastrophic and fatal impact the skincare industry has had on the lives of innumerous innocent bunnies over the decades and which, indeed, is still prevalent today.

Whilst a growing number of skincare brands acknowledge that it is unacceptable and unforgivable to place a greater importance on our vanity than on the life of an innocent animal, many brands, especially those keen to enter the Chinese market where animal testing is still required by law, continue to put profits before principles.

My love for these beautiful creatures runs so deep that I have not only gained the cruelty-free certification for my products but am consciously and lovingly helping to provide a better life for bunnies who are abandoned by their owners.

Often people choose a bunny as a pet for their children because they are cute and cuddly, with adorable twitchy little noses and a fluffy cottontail, and because there is the misconception that bunnies are an easy pet to have. But what most people fail to understand is that bunnies are very companionable and need as much love and attention as a cat or dog, if not more so. They also have a very delicate digestive system and can easily fall ill. So they are, by no means, the easy option when it comes to choosing a family pet. Because they are not as easy to look after as many believe and because many owners fail to neuter their bunnies, too many tame bunnies are 'released' into our parks and forests where they are simply incapable of surviving.

So, sadly, bunny abandonment is a serious and all too common an issue.

My husband and I have two bunnies of our own, Forrest and Bobo, both of whom we adopted. Forrest, in particular, is a 'difficult' bunny as she seems to have a low immune system and can fall ill quickly and quite regularly. So we have first-hand experience of how difficult bunnies can be as pets. However the love and companionship they give us in return for the love we show to them is like nothing else. And our lives simply would not be the same without them.

We adopted Forrest from a friend who was emigrating to the USA. And Bobo we adopted, as a companion for Forrest, from a local rescue centre. It is to this rescue centre that I make donations on your behalf so abandoned bunnies like Collie & Snuf and Bas continue to have shelter, food and cuddles until they find their loving forever homes, just like Raaf and Bommel & BamBam.

Supporting this bunny rescue centre is just a small piece of my dream. As Simply Skin grows and more and more bunny-friendly skin-loving customers come my way, my dream is to open a Simply Skin bunny rescue centre through my Bunny Initative and the profits from my skincare.

There's simply no need for skincare companies to incorporate animal-testing for their ingredients or products, and such a philosophy is certainly not ethical. So when you're deciding which product to put on your skin, will you think twice and choose the one that is actively making a change in the lives of abandoned bunnies? I would love for you to support and share my dream so we can, together, ensure that all bunnies receive shelter, food and daily cuddles until they can be placed in their loving forever home.