Welcome to #bunnycam!

As you may (or may not yet) know, Simply Skin customers support a bunny and animal rescue centre each and every time they buy a Simply Skin product.

We call it the Bunny Initiative and to find out all about it and why there even is a Bunny Initiative, head on over here.

On this page... well this page is devoted to cottontail cuteness.

Below you'll discover a collection of my favourite bunny videos, staring none other than my two adopted bunnies, Forrest and Bobo.

Forrest was adopted from a friend who was moving Stateside. She was initially going to be living with her in-laws on a farm and felt it wouldn't be safe for Forrest as there was a family of coyotes known to live nearby. Also, she felt that flying halfway around the world to a new home would be a bit much for such a little bunny (Forrest was just over 6 months at the time). So she invited us to adopt her. Having bunnysat her in the summer, we knew her personality well and just what a sweet little princess she was... so we jumped at the opportunity.

Bobo we adopted from the rescue centre we and our customers support through the Simply Skin Bunny Initiative. We felt it was cruel to have Forrest on her own with no playmate so we started the process of finding her the perfect little buddy. It didn't take long before I came upon Bobo and fell instantly in love with his little nose and face. And, after realised that Bobo was a bunny just like her and nothing to be scared of, she fell in love too.

Together, Forrest and Bobo make the perfect partnership. They're very caring towards each other. They keep each other brave on their many mini adventures. They truly are the very best of friends.