Christmas Order Form

Hey there, Beautiful!

If you're on this page right now, it's because you have been specially invited by me to indulge your family, friends and yourself (of course) this Christmas whilst saving 10% on your order!

Plus.... delivery is free, worldwide!

Plus... you won't be left disappointed when the Christmas rush starts if the product(s) you want are out of stock.

Plus... I've decided not to donate the usual 10% of your order to the Simply Skin Bunny Initiative.... I'm gonna donate 15%! (coz bunnies need even more cuddles at Christmas)

All you need to do is:

  • download the attached file,
  • make your selections in the burgundy-coloured boxes,
  • save the file, and
  • return it to me, Viv, at [email protected] on or before Wednesday October 31st, 2018.
Once I receive your order, I'll ensure all the products you've requested are immediately pulled out of stock. If any of the products you request are not currently in stock, they shall be created for you... provided, of course, that your order is received on or before Wednesday October 31st.

Click HERE to download your Christmas Order Form. Please note: in order to fill out the form, you may have to select "Enable Editing" from a yellow section that may appear at the top of the spreadsheet.

And if you have any problems or queries when filling out the form, just drop me, Viv, a line at [email protected] and I'll do everything I can to help.