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Have you noticed that it's getting almost impossible to contact companies nowadays?

It used to be that everyone would have a "contact" tab on the top menu of their website, then it moved down to the footer and now it seems like the bigger the company the harder it is to find their contact information. I can't tell you how many hours I've wasted trying to find out how to contact a company... not to mention how many hours I waited for a reply (if at all).

I don't want to be like that.

I want to be here, open and available when my customers contact me. Not only is it polite but it's courteous to my customers and lets you know that I truly value you.

So that's why you still find my "contact" option at the top of each page of my website.

...why contact me?

Well you should always drop me a note if you have a problem, question or query with anything related to Simply Skin. I want to hear from you. becuase I want to help you.

But that's not the only time I want to hear from you. I'd love to 'just' hear from you:

  • If you've read one of my blog posts and liked it or it resonated with you, drop me an email.
  • If you saw something I posted on Facebook or Instagram and it peeked your interest or got you thinking, drop me an email.
  • If you've tried a product and want to share your experience with me and other customers, drop me an email. Or better still, hop on over to my Guestbook and share your love there.
  • If you just want to know more about my products, my brand, me, or the bunnies we help, drop me an email.

Drop me an email and I'll listen and reply.

Go on... try it and see what happens!

And when you do email me, you can have a choice. You can either email me (Viv) at [email protected] or you can complete the details in the form below... it's your choice... one's as handy as the other for me.

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