Cruelty-Free Statement

I could sit here and recite the same blurb that you'll find on many skincare websites: "We do not conduct or commission animal testing of any ingredient or finished product". But cruelty-free means so much more than that to me and my brand.

For me (and my brand - for we are both synonymous) cruelty-free isn't a cold and heartless statement, it's a way of life, a passion and a drive. And, whilst a very important part of my brand, it's only the beginning. It's only the tip of what I dream will, someday, become a very large iceberg.

You see, for me, being certified and registered cruelty-free (and my brand is certified and registered with PETA), it is not nearly enough. Cruelty-free should be something that flows endlessly through the veins of a company, a life-blood if you like. And every day you should eat, breathe, sleep cruelty-free.

A product begins with ingredients and, as a cruelty-free brand, those ingredients can not and should not be tested on any animal either by myself or by a third party acting on my behalf.

The ingredients are then blended, fused and marinated into a beautiful and luxurious product that makes your skin glow vibrant with health and life. And that product, also, can not and should not be tested on any animal either by myself or by a third party acting on my behalf.

But it shouldn't stop there. Nor does it, with Simply Skin.

Through Simply Skin I take cruelty-free to a whole new level via my Bunny Initiative.


The Simply Skin Bunny Initiative

As you can read above, The Simply Skin Bunny Initiative is about taking cruelty-free to a whole new level.

It works in two ways.

The first way happens as a direct result of you purchasing any Simply Skin product. For each product you buy, I donate (on your behalf) 10% of the product price to a bunny (and animal) rescue centre.

The second way was given life, thanks to the beautiful, enthusiastic and supportive customers I've attracted to Simply Skin. Customers who want to actively take part in the Bunny Initiative. So whenever you buy any Simply Skin product, on the product page itself (just below the price), you are invited to add a donation to The Simply Skin Bunny Initiative. You can either choose to
  • cuddle a bunny (and add €1.00 onto your order value), or
  • feed a bunny (add €3.50 onto your order value) or
  • shelter a bunny (add €5.00 onto your order).

Each of these options are voluntary... you are not obliged to personally donate to the Bunny Initiative. But as they've become popular with my customers, I wanted to highlight them to you so you don't miss out.

The rescue centre all the Bunny Initiative donations go to is the rescue centre from which my husband and I adopted our second bunny, Bobo. I chose this rescue centre as I know, from experience, that it is run purely by volunteers so whatever donations are given to it are spent on the animals and their well-being.

If you want to read even more about my Bunny Initiative and the bunnies that we are helping, click here >

All this is still only part of the iceberg. Being cruelty-free is the tip and the Bunny Initiative makes up the rest that lies above the water.

But what about what lies beneath? The majestic part that you can not, yet, see? A-ha... well that's where the true excitement lies.

Beneath the Surface

As Martin Luther King so iconically proclaimed "I have a dream!"

When I first started to share my dream with people, I got a mixed bag of reactions. Some gave me blank stares, simply not knowing how to respond. Others looked completely shocked and responded along the lines: "That's admirable but it's totally unachievable!" And then there were the ones who just 'got it'. They were the ones who truly know me either through Simply Skin or personally. They're the ones who know that my passion for bunnies can (and shall) move mountains.

You see, my dream is to open Simply Skin Bunny Sanctuaries. Through profits from the sale of Simply Skin skincare products and donations from the Simply Skin Bunny Initiative, I dream of opening Bunny Sanctuaries where rescued and abandoned bunnies can find love, shelter, and protection until they find their forever, loving home.  Bunny Sanctuaries where potential guardians for those beloved bunnies can receive advice and support on how best to care for their bunnies and how to get the most out of the truly special bond they can develop with their bunnies. Bunny Sanctuaries that continue to help and support both bunnies and guardians once they leave the shelter of the Sanctuary.

My dream is huge but so is my heart, passion and determination. And in my heart I know I shall achieve it. But not without your help. This is simply too big to achieve on my own. So let's cut to the chase and be frank. For this dream to come to fruition I need you to purchase Simply Skin products, I need you to tell your friends and family about Simply Skin products and encourage them to purchase also, and I need ambassadors, supporters and cheerleaders every step of the way.

So will you join my dream? Will you be part of this adventure with me? Will you stand alongside me with passion that cruelty-free should be much more than not testing products or ingredients on animals, it should be something that flows endlessly through the veins of a company, a life-blood if you like? And every day you should eat, breathe, sleep cruelty-free?

Listen to your heart and quietly answer this: Will you be part of my dream?

So there you have it. My Cruelty-Free Statement.

A statement of passion. A statement with conviction. A statement, I hope, resonates with your heart.

Viv xx