exotic love collection

for women who like to spice things up

I've designed this collection for women who want to enjoy elegance, sophistication, confidence and a bit of spice when they celebrate their feminine energy

Warm, sensual and earthy sandalwood is beautifully blended with soft, sweet vanilla to create a spicy seductive and exotic feminine scent

when I created this collection...

... I wanted to create a collection that would make you feel elegantly confident, composed and poised. But I wanted it also to have some spice and fire to it... a little firey 'je ne sais quoi' to give you an uplifting boost just when you want it.

The scent, a beautiful fusion of warm sensual and earthy sandalwood with soft sweet vanilla, is seductive and exotically feminine. It is gentle yet is strong in its femininity, it is sensual yet is confident and sophisticated.

This collection is not only sheer decadence, when you wear it you exude a confidence in your femininty and in your self that is unparalleled. There is nothing you cannot achieve, there is no obstacle or challenge you cannot overcome, for you have the confidence and competence to overcome anything with ease and grace.


Each product in the Exotic Love collection is lovingly steeped in strength and confidence from the angels.

whipped body butter

invite warmth and gentleness to sensually caress your skin

spa salt scrub

polishes your skin intensely, leaving it irresistibly soft to the touch

shower ice scrub

tenderly caresses your skin leaving it smooth and lush

shower ice cream

with earthy seductiveness, this is your personal love affair in a jar

facial scrub

gently caresses your skin, brushing it to leave it smooth and lush

facial cleanser

soft gentle bubbles tenderly kiss and caress your face, leaving behind exotic warmth and sensuality

lip butter

 vanilla fudge flavoured lip butter leaves your lips plump and glimmering

mini gift pack

containing four of your favourite products, this is the perfect mini gift for yourself to enjoy on an indulgent weekend, away or at home

teaser pack

an opportunity to sample all the gentle luxuries of the Exotic Love collection, in miniature form

if exotic love was a bunny...

... she would be a self-assured little bunny, keen to put her best paw forward in life. Preening herself and keeping her fur in the best condition, but not obsessing over her looks, simply confident in the beautiful bunny she naturally is.

And she would say a heartfelt 'thank you' for every product that you purchase because 10% of your order value shall be donated to the Simply Skin Bunny Initiaitve to provide cuddles, food and shelter for the rescued and abandoned bunnies that are so lovingly cared for by the volunteers at the animal rescue centre we have chosen to financially support.