Forrest and Bobo

Hello - My name is Forrest...

... and I'm a princess.

I was born in April 2013 and am a lop-eared miniature bunny.

In November 2013 my family had to move away from The Netherlands to live in the USA. As they were going to be living on a farm where there would be coyotes and foxes, they decided it would be safer for me if they could find a new family to love me.

Lucky for me the owner of Simply Skin, Viv, and her husband had already bunnysat me while my family were on summer vacation and they fell in love with me. So when my Bunny Mummy asked if they would like to adopt me they were really excited.

I love to give licks and kisses and I love head rubs.

I now have a husbun, Bobo, with whom I love to cuddle.

Hello - My name is Bobo...

... and I love to binky.

I was born in November 2013 and am also a lop-eared miniature bunny.

I was given to the Bunny Rescue Centre after my Bunny Mummy became allergic to my fur.

In July 2014 the owner of Simply Skin, Viv, and her husband wanted a friend for their bunny, Forrest. They saw that I was available for adoption and fell in love with me.

When Forrest was first introduced to me she was a little scared as she didn't remember what a bunny looked like - she had lived with her adopted family for so long that she thought she was just like them. But before long we were the best of friends.

I love to jump in the air ("binky") and love hunting for treats.

And I love to snuggle up to my best friend, Forrest.

We had Forrest 6 months before my husband suggested finding a companion for her. At first I was selfishly reluctant - I wanted Forrest all to myself. But I soon realised that having a bunny friend would be great company for her.

It didn't take long for the two to become inseparable. When they returned home to us, after being bonded by the Rescue Centre, Forrest was keen to show Bobo all her favourite toys and to teach him the house rules.

The two remain the best of friends today and I'm so glad we found a friend for Forrest and that Bobo has become such a fun and enthusiastic member of our family. It's lovely to watch them turn to each other for snuggles, comfort and support.

As part of the Simply Skin Bunny Initiative, for every product you buy I shall donate at least 10% of the product price to the Bunny Rescue Centre from where we adopted Bobo.

So by choosing to treat your skin with luxury handmade Simply Skin products you will be providing shelter, food and daily cuddles for abandoned and rescued bunnies, just like Bobo, until they find their loving forever home.

My ultimate dream is to raise enough money from my skincare products to, one day, open my own Bunny Rescue Centre. You can help this dream come true and play an integral part in saving the lives of many more bunnies by consciously choosing to pamper your skin with Simply Skin products.

Will you help me cuddle a bunny today?