Free Worldwide Delivery

What's the Catch?

There is no catch, Beautiful.

Simply Skin is so much more than a brand of beautifully hand-crafted skincare. It's a brand with a purpose and a desire to be one of the best ethical brands on the market.

Currently 10% of each order value is donated to a bunny (and animal) rescue centre and eventually I want to open Simply Skin bunny sanctuaries as sales grow.

So I want the hard-earned money you spend to be used correctly. I want you to receive the most beautiful and luxurious skincare products without having to waste money on additional shipping costs AND I want the bunnies to receive as many bunny cuddles, as much food and shelter as we can provide for them through the donation made on your behalf each and every time you buy a Simply Skin product.

Here's the thing. I did a little experiment recently on myself. You see, when I buy all the lovely ingredients that go into making your favourite products, I expect to pay delivery costs... that's just how it works in business. But when I stand on the other side of things and go shopping, just like you, as an online customer there's nothing that bugs me more than reaching the online checkout only to see my order value suddenly increase, thanks to delivery costs.

And, to be honest, I struggle to find many brands (especially large brands) that DON'T charge their customers delivery costs.

Now I admit, it hasn't always been this way. I have always tried to be fair to my customers so I set a low minimum order value before they received free delivery.

This was all fine and good when I first started my brand and my customers were almost 100% based in the same country. But my customer base has changed since then and my customers come from a variety of countries now.

So finding a fair free delivery limit according to the country you live in was not only becoming very complicated but it just didn't feel very fair... even when I discounted delivery prices to start with. I mean why should someone in the UK or the US pay more to enjoy one of my products than someone living in The Netherlands or Germany?

So that's when I decided to scrap delivery costs. I want my products to be just as available to someone living in Switzerland as they are for someone living in Mauritius. Because I value each and every one of my customers equally.

So, as you can see, there really is no catch. I just want my products to be available to as many women as possible so that, through the sales of my products, we can help cuddle, feed and shelter as many rescued bunnies as possible. If only everything in life was this simple and transparent.