Free From Fragrance

Perfume Sensitivity

There are a growing number of people who are becoming perfume sensitive. This means they have to buy specialist brands of skincare, soap, and household goods such as clothes wash etc. Often these brands are far from exciting and don’t exactly inspire luxurious pampering.

And I think this is a shame.

Why should you be excluded from some well-deserved pampering just because you are perfume-sensitive?

I believe every woman should have the opportunity to relish in precious me-time pampering herself and celebrating her femininity and sensuality. That’s why my Pure & Sensitive collection holds a special place in my heart. Finally ladies with a perfume sensitivity can enjoy some luxury too.

Not Just for the Perfume Sensitive

But I have noticed that my Pure & Sensitive collection has been growing in popularity recently and when I asked a few new customers why they bought from this collection rather than from one of the perfumed collections the answer I got most of the time was that they didn’t want their skincare to clash/compete with their favourite perfume. How clever!

It May be Perfume-Free But It’s Not Scent-less

Whilst I do not add any perfume/fragrance to the Pure & Sensitive collection, you will find that it’s not completely scent-less. The various ingredients I use in my products (butters, oils etc) each have their own unique ‘scent’. A bit like food – the olive oil in your cupboard has a scent, a strawberry has a natural scent as does even lettuce… and so do the ingredients that go into my products.