Free From Petrochemicals

What Are Petrochemicals?

Most of the petrochemicals you’ll find in skincare products, especially lip products, are derived from petroleum (the same product you put into your car engine).

When you read a product’s ingredients label, you may find petrochemicals listed as any of the following: benzene, butadiene, ethylene, propylene, xylene and even mineral oil.

Why Are Petrochemicals Used in Skincare products?

The primary reason for using this ingredient is cost. The cost of using a petrochemical in a skincare product is much, much cheaper than a natural or organic alternative.

Additionally, petrochemicals are also used to extend the life of a product.

But when it comes to lip products, petrochemicals actually dry your lips, encouraging them to need more and more lip butter… quite the opposite of what a lip butter should do for your lips. A lip butter should be used to hydrate your lips and keep them healthy and chap-free, not dry them out and leave your lips craving more and more product applied to them.

A good quality lip product should also leave a protective barrier on your lips to protect them from free-radicals but also allowing them to breathe. Whilst petrochemicals leave a barrier on your lips, this barrier does not allow your lips to breathe, so any toxins that come out of your lips have nowhere to go as the barrier traps them.

Why Should You Avoid Products Containing Petrochemicals?

Being a by-product of the petroleum industry, petrochemicals are not exactly environmentally-friendly. Products which contain natural and organic alternatives are, therefore, the more educated and sustainable choice.

Whilst there have been a myriad of claims that petrochemicals can be linked to illnesses such as cancer, these claims have yet to be proven scientifically. However, if you are concerned, then choosing a more natural product would be the better option. You’ll often find, with regards large skincare brands, that they behave reactively rather than proactively so they’ll keep using petrochemicals in their products until science and the law may determine otherwise.

Petrochemicals are actually drying rather than hydrating. So they often contradict the feature and benefit of the product they are used in. For example a lip butter should hydrate drying lips, not dry them further requiring you to put more and more product on your lips.