guilty pleasures collection

perfect for quiet, indulgent me-time

I've designed this collection as a warm and loving embrace for those times when you just want to close the door on the world and relish in me-time and self-love

The dark chocolate scent is warm, soothing and reassuring, wrapping itself around you to give you a comforting hug

This collection is perfect for women with sensitive skin and an allergen sensitivity but not for women who are perfume-sensitive


when I created this collection...

... I wanted to create a collection that would wrap itself around you and give you a comforting hug. A representation of those days when you just want to close the door on the world, feel all snuggled-up in your favourite pyjamas, gorge on ice cream and chocolate, and binge on Netflix; of those days when you just want some quiet and indulgent me-time.

And what better for indulgent moments than the warm, soothing and all-embracing (allergen-free) scent of decadent dark chocolate.

When you crave the confidence to just be you, no pretence, no mask, just you.

When you desire a soothing hug and reassurance that everything is going to be just fine.

When you lust after the sheer unapologetic decadence that you just can't find in other scented products because of your sensitivity to scent allergens, and unscented products are just too simple and basic to quench your desires.


Each product in the Guilty Peasures collection is soothingly infused with copious amounts of angelic love and tenderness that lovingly hug you and your skin.

whipped body butter

opulent, decadent, indulgent... once you dip into the buttery waves, your addiction will begin and you'll just keep coming back

spa salt scrub

the naughty and arousing stimulant for your skin, it indulgently buffs your skin leaving it feeling luxuriously lush and sumptuously silky

shower ice scrub

the naughty but nice shower ice scrub that caresses your skin, leaving it lightly polished and smooth

shower ice cream

envelopes your skin in a soft, bubbly foam – it’s the guilty pleasure in your bathroom

facial scrub

shrouds your face in luxuriously rich bubbles as it buffs and smoothes your skin

facial cleanser

envelopes your skin in a wickedly indulgent, bubbly foam

lip butter

wickedly self-indulgent, this chocolate strawberry flavoured lip butter leaves your lips relishing in self-gratifying decadence

mini gift pack

Containing four of your favourite products, this is the perfect mini gift for yourself to enjoy on an indulgent weekend, away or at home

teaser pack

An opportunity to sample all the gentle luxuries of the Guilty Pleasures collection, in miniature form

if guilty pleasures was a bunny...

... she would waken up late, enjoy a nice long stretch, and have a leisurely breakfast of her favourite greens and treats before relaxing on her favourite piece of thick, cosy rug to snooze and watch the world go by.

And she would say a heartfelt 'thank you' for every product that you purchase because 10% of your order value shall be donated to the Simply Skin Bunny Initiaitve to provide cuddles, food and shelter for the rescued and abandoned bunnies that are so lovingly cared for by the volunteers at the animal rescue centre we have chosen to financially support.