how we give - the Bunny Initiative

I use the word "we" in "how we give" because without you, Beautiful, I cannot give as I would like and love. And Simply Skin would not be able to make the positive impact on the world that I know it can.

I feel and know that I am blessed to have a brand through which I can make this world a brighter and happier place. And I want to thank you, with all my heart, for helping me because only together can we achieve magic.

To find out exactly how, and why, we give (hint: it involves the cutest of cute cottontails) please watch the video below. A full transcript is also provided below the video... for those of you who prefer to read.

Video Transcript

Hey there. And welcome to Simply Skin. I'm Viv and I'm the owner.

And I wanted to hop on today to give you an idea of why we given and how we give.

Basically, when I had the opportunity to start Simply Skin a number of years ago, I was so excited about starting a skincare brand because I'd just learnt how to make the most beautiful products and I just wanted to take them to market. But at the back of my head there was something else. I knew Simply Skin would be much more than a skincare brand. And if you dig below the surface now, just a little bit, you'll see that Simply Skin is so much more than beautiful ingredients and beautiful products...

... So back whenever I started, I decided I would always be cruelty-free. It just came naturally to me. It's how I felt, it's what I knew. And then a few years later I decided I needed to register myself as cruelty-free around about the time when China was really opening its doors to Western products and Western brands, because China, still, by law tests on animals, and although the European Union had changed their laws to prevent testing on animals because, quite honestly, testing beauty products on animals is just not necessary. There're so many other ways to test ingredients. And for an industry to call itself "Beauty" and yet to show anything but beauty towards beautiful little animals by so horribly testing on them, it just never sat comfortably with me. So I registered myself as cruelty-free because I could see that there were a lot of brands that were finding loopholes in the EU laws which had been written and passed through as legislation purely to help animals, and yet there were brands coming out, finding loopholes and continuing to test products and ingredients on animals because they wanted to sell in China.

But, you know, the whole cruelty-free thing goes a lot further than that for me because I wanted so much more. My whole idea of starting a business was so I could make a positive impact on the world. And, sure, I make a positive impact by creating the most beautiful products for your skin because they leave your skin looking and feeling so healthy.

But I wanted more than that...

... I wanted to make another positive impact on the world. And I knew it had something to do with animals but I just couldn't work out exactly what until a certain little bunny called Bobo hopped into our lives.

Now, before Bobo, we adopted Forrest our first bunny from a friend. She was moving to the States and simply could not take Forrest with her - it would have been cruel. So we happily opened our home to her and happily opened our hearts to her. And after a few months we decided, it only fair, that Forrest had a companion.

So we started looking. We started looking for that companion who turned out to be Bobo. We decided, rather than buy a bunny from a pet store, we would prefer to adopt a bunny. A bunny that had been abandoned, or a bunny that had been rescued. A bunny that really needed a forever loving home. And when we saw Bobo's little face we knew he was the perfect little bunny.

So we went to visit him, my husband and me. And we went to the Foster Mum's house, who was looking after Bobo at the time. And when I saw her home, my heart just opened because, she, like other volunteershad given up her home, had given up her garden and had given up holidays so she could volunteer for this rescue centre and look after the bunnies and other animals that came their way.

So we introduced Forrest to Bobo after we met Bobo and after we'd fallen in love with Bobo. And it wasn't long before the two became the best of friends and they've been the best of friends ever since...

... So, thanks to Bobo, and to the volunteer who was absolutely fantastic and helped us so much, that the lightbulb moment happened for me, and I decided that, through sales of my products, both you and I would make a positive impact on this world by supporting that rescue centre which is run 100% by volunteers.

Now. How do we support that rescue center?

Well. We have currently 3 ways of doing that.

The first way, you don't even notice it's happening. The first way is when you buy a product, I take 10% of that sales price and once a quarter, I donate the money to the rescue centre.

The second way, which you also do not see, is from my friend, Nikki, who looks after my deliveries. When she puts the product in a package she donates €0.50 for each product. And that money, along with the 10% from the sales value, goes to the rescue centre at the end of each quarter.

And then there's a final way, at the moment. And that final way is where you can become active. On every product I have on my website, there is an option. And that option is to cuddle a bunny, to feed a bunny, or to shelter a bunny. And, basically, it's an option. It's not required but a lot of my loyal and regular customers are loving this. You can choose whether you want to cuddle, feed, or shelter a bunny by adding a little extra onto what you buy. So if you buy a body butter, you can choose to cuddle a bunny and add a little bit extra to the value to that body butter. And that little bit extra goes directly to the rescue centre.

So at the moment, there're 3 ways that we are helping that rescue centre. And we're not just helping the rescue centre. That money is going direct to the animals that those volunteers so lovingly look after. And it's having a real impact on their lives and helping those bunnies and other animals, to enjoy their life in their foster home until they find their loving forever home, just like Bobo...

.. But my dream, over the last year or so, my dream has exploded.

Why stop there?

There's so much more we can do together. And I now have a dream which is so much bigger. So big, I'm almost scared to tell you about it because by telling you about it, I'm making it public and I feel I'm committing to it and there's no way back. But I can't achieve this dream without you. I need your support. I need support from your friends and your family. I need you to talk about Simply Skin, to share Simply Skin with everybody. Because we can only achieve this dream by working together.

And this dream is to open my own bunny sanctuaries. To have a place that is safe, that has a loving atmosphere with loving volunteers who look after abandoned bunnies.

I don't just want to open one. One is obviously the first goal but I would love to open many. But I can't achieve my dream and I can't achieve this huge vision for Simply Skin without your help.

So if you're looking for a brand who really wants to make a positive impact on this world. If you're really wanting to find a skincare brand that really takes cruelty-free to a whole new level. If you want to support a skincare brand that's ethical, that creates its products from a place of love, choose Simply Skin and support us. Because, with you, we can make such a positive impact on this world and it is so exciting!

So thank you for listening. And I hope I'll see you soon. Bye, bye.