oooh la la collection

feminine and flirty for free-spirited women

I've designed this collection for women who want to celebrate their femininity with a bit of fun and lightness

The fruity and flirty scent of Japanese Plum will kiss your femininity with the joyous essence of free-spirited joie de vivre

when I created this collection...

... I had the image in my mind of a woman who has a real passion for life and a desire to live life to the full; a woman who embraces life in a fun, carefree and free-spirited manner, brimming with a positivity and optimism that’s contagious, always bringing smiles and laughter wherever she may be.

The lightness and fruity aroma of Japanese Plum is uplifting and refreshing, perfect for days when you want to add a little more bounce in your step.

The optimism and subtle positivity that this scent attracts will gently sweep you past any challenges you may meet throughout your day.

And the feminine, free and carefree nature of this collection will keep your spirits high with a love for life and for yourself.


Each product in the Oooh La La collection is lovingly infused with the uplifting energy of the angels attracting a sense of optimism, lightness and a knowing that you already are everything you need and want to be.

whipped body butter

moisturises your skin leaving it oozing with femininity, silky to the touch

spa salt scrub

polishes your skin and exposes the natural beauty of your femininity

shower ice scrub

smoothes and softens skin leaving you feeling seductively feminine

shower ice cream

a shower experience that celebrates your seductive femininity

facial scrub

gently polishes your face to unveil the seductive glow of feminine grace

facial cleanser

gently cleanses your face, liberating a sensual seductive glow of femininity

lip butter

mango flavoured lip butter leaves your lips glistening with femininity

mini gift pack

containing four of your favourite products, this is the perfect mini gift for yourself to enjoy on an indulgent weekend, away or at home

teaser pack

an opportunity to sample all the gentle luxuries of the Pure & Sensitive collection, in miniature form

if oooh la la was a bunny...

... she would waken up in the morning inquisitive about what special moments the day will reveal and she would enjoy her day with a full appreciation of the beauty of life and nature.

And she would say a heartfelt 'thank you' for every product that you purchase because 10% of your order value shall be donated to the Simply Skin Bunny Initiaitve to provide cuddles, food and shelter for the rescued and abandoned bunnies that are so lovingly cared for by the volunteers at the animal rescue centre we have chosen to financially support.