personalised collection

Welcome, Beautiful

I'm so excited to be working with you to create your very own skincare collection.

We are going to have such a fun journey of discovery and design together. And at the end of our journey you will have your very own personalised collection of Simply Skin products... something truly special.

Below is a detailed description of what happens next and the beautiful journey we shall travel together.

our journey together...

You shall be invited to pay for your personalised collection either in full (€1,750) or in two equal instalments (€875 each), whichever you feel suits you best.

Once you make your initial payment, I shall send you a link to the "Personalised Collection" questionnaire. Please take time to complete this questionnaire in as much detail as possible so I can best determine the fragrance that suits you.

Upon receiving your completed questionnaire, if I have any questions I shall contact you using the email address you provide. Please be sure to whitelist/enable emails from [email protected] into your inbox, especially if you have a gmail account, to avoid any possibility of them going array, into your spam box. I shall confirm receipt of your questionnaire within 2 working days and if I have any questions, I shall contact you within a week of my receipt confirmation.

When we both feel our concept of the type of fragrance you desire is in alignment, I shall make a selection of 5 different fragrances which I feel will best compliment your desires. From those 5 selected fragrances, I shall then create 5 sample taster products (one sample per fragrance) which I shall send to you to test and enjoy.

This process should take up to 4 weeks, depending on how quickly we come into alignment with your choice of fragrance.

Once you have tried all the sample products and decided on your choice of fragrance, I shall handmake a collection of skincare products which should keep you pampered for 3 months... or more. Your collection shall include 3 whipped body butters (large - 250ml), 3 spa salt scrubs (125ml), 1 shower ice scrub (125ml), 3 shower ice creams (125ml), 1 facial scrub (60ml), 1 facial cleanser (60ml) and 2 roll-on perfume oils (5ml).

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for your products to be created and shipped to you.

After the initial 3 months, you can choose to replenish your collection as often as you like within an additional 15 month period. If the fragrance is still available from my manufacturer after the extended 15 month period, you may continue to order your personalised collection, fragranced with this scent.

The price of this package includes consultations, taster products, all postage charges and the initial 3-month product package. The price excludes future orders of your collection after the initial 3-month package.

Once payment (or initial instalment) is received, our journey together has begun and your payment or deposit cannot be refunded. Should you choose the option to pay in two equal instalments, please note that the second instalment shall be required after you have chosen your fragrance and before I begin creating your collection.

If you have any concerns or questions at this point, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected], or fill out my contact form, here >

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