Simply Pampered Party Planner Application Form

Before applying to become a Simply Pampered Party Planner (see form on right side), we would like to answer some of your FAQs...


 How many parties do I need to plan each month?

Whilst we invite you to plan as many parties as you have time for in your agenda, we recommend a minimum of only 2 parties per month


 How much commission will I earn from each party?

The commission you receive is based on how much product each party participant orders.  You receive 30% commission per product.  Parties can be run for a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 9 participants.  On average, we have found that participants order approximately €60 worth of product each


When shall I receive my commission

You shall receive your commission once product payment has been received from all party participants


Apart from planning and running the party, what else do I need to do?

Not much.  You organise the party, collect the orders and send this information through to HQ.  At HQ we shall contact each party participant to confirm their order, we shall follow up on payments and we shall process the order delivery


What training will I receive?

Depending on when you sign up to be a Simply Pampered Party Planner you shall either receive direct one-to-one training from a Simply Skin representative or you shall receive distance training.  You shall also be supplied with a full training manual


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I am not a salesperson so how can I be a successful Simply Pampered Party Planner?

Do you have a circle of friends & family who would like to host a party?  Then you can be a successful party planner

Are you social & fun-loving?  Then you can be a successful party planner

Do you have a passion for safe, organic & handmade skincare products?  Then you can be a successful party planner

Simply Skin products are of such high quality, feel so gentle on your skin and leave your skin radiant and healthy, that they practically sell themselves



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