Healthy Skin, Luxury Products and a Bucket Full of Positive Karma...

...what's not to love?

Squeezed into each and every jar of Simply Skin goodness are ingredients that make your skin glow with health and vitality, seeds of confidence that blossom as you begin to see just how naturally beautiful you truly are, a bucketful of bunny cuddles, and a whole heap of positive karma.

There's so much goodness inside each jar that I sometimes wonder how on earth we managed to get the top on!

When it comes to healthy skin, Simply Skin's got your back. We use only the very best ingredients AND we use only the necessary ingredients. There's no plumping up the product with ingredients that don't add a beautiful glow to your skin, leave your skin so silky smooth you'll be touching yourself All. Day. Long, or keep your skin hydrated and as youthful as Mother Nature allows.

But there's so much more to each jar than that. That's just what you see and feel. What about what you can't see or feel? There's magic there too.

Inside every jar are little seeds... seeds of confidence that will grow and blossom as you begin to see and believe just how beautiful you truly are. With the media focusing on unachievable perfections ("you have to be super skinny", "cellulite is a no-no", "don't age, gracefully or otherwise"...) and many skincare brands lasering in on our insecurities ( “You should look younger”, “only pretty women should use this”, “turn back the clock on your wrinkles”...), is it any wonder we can't see our natural beauty?

And that seriously bugs me! Each and every one of us is truly beautiful, naturally. We may not have the cellulite-free-photo-shopped body or the wrinkle-free-photo-shopped face, we have so much more. True, natural beauty as Mother Nature intended. We just have to learn to recognise and celebrate our femininity and sensuality. And that's where I'm here to help. Through my website, through my Facebook page, through my free "Spa Club" newsletter I celebrate the women that we naturally are and I invite you to join me so, together, we can grow in confidence in our own natural beauty.

Squeezed in with seeds of confidence are buckets full of bunny cuddles. And when I say buckets full, I mean buckets that are, quite simply, overflowing.

Not only is Simply Skin a registered and certified cruelty-free brand, we also provide cuddles, food and shelter to a Rescue Centre for Abandoned Bunnies (and other animals) by donating 10% of each and every order value. I call it "The Bunny Initiative" and you can read all about it here.

We have also found that most of our customers also like to actively contribute so we've also introduced an option on all our products where you can choose to 'cuddle a bunny', 'feed a bunny', or ''shelter a bunny' for a very small additional amount... and that's been a roaring success!

And to top everything off, wherever possible we use organic ingredients. Not because it's the trendy thing to do but because it's the right thing to do. The organic farmer has chosen to follow the more difficult, more environmentally-challenging, and more ethical path. We respect him for doing so and have the desire to support him and travel this long and difficult road together. To read more about why we support organic farmers, go here >

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