Product Review Agreement

Thank you for completing the Product Review form. I now have an idea of the type of products you would like to try and to review. So I'll arrange for some beautiful and luxurious products to be picked from the Simply Skin shelves, wrapped up all cosy in a box and sent to you, shortly.

But first, please tick the boxes below to confirm that you agree to review the products on my website.

This is a step I'd rather not need as I prefer to run my business based on trust and, to date, it has run perfectly well that way. But I want both you and I to be totally clear on the commitment we are making to each other, and this makes confirmation of the following statements necessary.

Product Review Agreement
  • As a result of stock levels etc, I understand that I may not be invited to review all/any of my chosen products:
  • I agree, in return to receiving products, to write a review within a month of completing this form:
  • I understand that once I have submitted my review in the time agreed and my review is published, I shall be refunded my deposit in full.:
  • I understand that failure to write a review shall result in me being invoiced for the outstanding value of the products I received:
  • Should I fail to write my review and am invoiced for the outstanding value, I understand that failure to pay immediately will lead to legal action: