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Hey Beautiful!

Thanks for jumping forward and offering to write a product review for me.

All you need to do now is follow a quick 3 Step process:

  • Complete the form below to gather information about you and the types of products you'd like to review
  • Agree to the Statements to the following page
  • Pay the postage

Please ensure you complete all questions and tick all relevant boxes.

Based on questions and feedback I've received recently I want to highlight the following before you fill in the form:
  • The product(s) you receive for review are full-size products
  • You'll receive at least one product to review (worth a minimum of €40)... but more often than not, you'll receive two products
  • You are only requested to pay the postage price (the products are free in return for agreeing to write your review)
  • Postage prices vary, depending on your location. For full information, please refer to my Delivery Information page. However, in summary, the locations/postage price where most of my current customers live are: The Netherlands €7.50; United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, and Spain €13.50
  • Please note that free postage does not apply in this situation
  • Please note that discount codes may not be used in this situation
  • I have always run my business on a trust basis and that has worked just fine. However, I am running a business and, so, it is important for me to be transparent and highlight any legalities that shall come into play should one or either party fail to uphold their side of this Product Review invitation

Viv xx

Product Review Form
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