Products with Personality

Delve below the surface of Simply Skin products and you'll discover an invitation to enter a fantastical and fanciful world that entices you to cut yourself off from everyday reality and truly indulge, pamper and celebrate your femininity and sensuality.

This world is the world of the Simply Skin Scent Personalities.

Will you be joining the many beautiful women already indulging in luxurious skincare and re-discovering their desire to re-ignite the sheer joy of pampering their skin?

I just know you will!

So let's not waste anymore time that could be better spent indulging you and your skin. Let me introduce you to the beautiful, luxurious products that await to pamper you and leave your skin tingling with delight.

I create Body Products designed to truly pamper your body, mind and soul. They are the ultimate indulgent luxury. But they come with a warning: once you try them, you'll be hooked and no other product will come a close second. Beautiful, you have been warned!

Shower Products

The Spa Salt Scrub, Shower Ice Scrub and Shower Ice Cream make up the showering dream-team. Together they will soften your skin making it so silky smooth to touch you won't be able to stop running your fingers along your skin all day (and nor will he).

The Shower Ice Scrub and Shower Ice Cream are brimming with foaming bubbles that are incredibly gentle to even the most sensitive of skin. And with the addition of a blend of organic base and exotic oils, they will ensure your skin is nourished and glows with delight.

The Spa Salt Scrub brings to your skin everything that Mother Nature can offer. The salts ensure your skin is exfoliated until it is beautifully smooth whilst the blend of organic butters, oils and exotic oils will leave your skin nourished and moisturised, and glistening with health.

Body Moisturisers

And if that's not enough to drive you to the brink of ecstatic euphoria over your newly smoothed and nourished skin, I have Body Serums and Whipped Body Butters for after your shower.

The Body Serums are an intimate fusion of the most beautiful and skin-loving organic and exotic oils that your skin could ever wish for. A fully-concentrated product designed to wrap around your skin with a luscious fast-absorbing blend of oils, it will gently nourish and moisturise your skin, leaving it feeling younger and glimmering with health. I know it will be difficult not to smother your skin with such an abundance of heavenly goodness but please do remember, like all Simply Skin products, because I use only the best ingredients a little goes a very long way.

If you're like me and just can't help but give into temptation, then I've created Whipped Body Butter just for you. The Queen of Moisturisers, my Whipped Body Butter will leave your skin oozing with complete and utter satisfaction as it is deeply nourished by the opulent blend of organic butters, oils and exotic oils. The butters are whipped until they are light enough to feel smooth and nurturing on your skin, and the oils encourage your skin to absorb the gorgeousness of this product. With the heat of your hand the Whipped Body Butter will melt into a blend of divine opulence and as you gently massage it into your skin you'll feel your skin eagerly soak up the sublime and blissful nourishment. But be warned: Simply Skin Whipped Body Butters are not for the faint-hearted.

The Simply Skin Body Products are available in all five Scent Personalities. You can find out which Scent Personality matches you best by reading about them here or by taking the Scent Personality quiz here.

Now that your body is feeling silky smooth and oozing with femininity, we can move on to your beautiful face and ensure your complexion glows with health and stays as young as possible for as long as naturally possible.

Facial Scrub & Facial Cleanser

The Facial Scrub and Facial Cleanser are the epitome of a gentle soft and moisturising soap, brimming with foaming bubbles that are incredibly kind to even the most sensitive of skin. Each contains a generous amount of organic base and exotic oils, enough to stop your face feeling tight after you wash but not too much to reduce the sumptuous amount of bubbles and foam you'll enjoy in these products.

Unlike many of the facial scrubs you find on the High Street, I use fruit seeds as the exfoliant. This means that the Simply Skin Facial Scrub won't feel anywhere near as scratchy and scrubby as other products and won't cause any damage as a result of long-term use. Although you may not feel the scrub in my Facial Scrub, touch your face after using it and you will feel that it has done its job - your skin will not only feel super sexy and smooth but will be a picture of health and natural beauty. So given the choice, why go for a product that will abrasively scrub your delicate face when you can choose a product which gently and lovingly caresses your face as it tenderly and assuredly smooths your skin?

The Simply Skin Facial Cleanser and Facial Scrub products are available in all five Scent Personalities. You can find out which Scent Personality matches you best by reading about them here or by taking the Scent Personality quiz here.

Facial Treatments

When it comes to truly pampering and treating your face, no other product can compete with a Facial Serum.

A natural facial serum is a blend of oils and essential oils which have properties reported to be most beneficial to your specific skin type. So if you have dry skin you'll want to use a facial serum with oils which are highly moisturising and deeply nourishing. And if you have oily skin you'll want to use a facial serum which contains light oils that are quickly and easily absorbed (and, yes, even oily skin needs to be treated using oils. And if you've got oily skin and totally doubting what I just said, read my article: "Why Should I Use Oil on my Skin?")

Are you unsure what skin-type you have (Normal, Combination, Dry, Oily, or Sensitive) and would like some confirmation? Then join the free Simply Skin VIP Bathroom Club and gain immediate access to a questionnaire that will determine your skin type and provide you with general advice on how to best care for your skin.

The Simply Skin Facial Serums are so chock-full of the most beautiful organic base, exotic and essential oils that, after you have tried them, your face will be the most stunning picture of health and happiness that you'll question how you have made it this far through life without them.

I have chosen the oils not only because they are beneficial to each specific skin type but because of their many reported skin-loving properties. Oils that are said to reduce fine lines and wrinkles like Organic Rosehip and Sea Buckthorn Oils, oils like Organic Borage and Evening Primrose Oils that are purported to reduce inflammation in troubled skin like rosacea, and oils that are said to aid the regeneration of skin cells such as Organic Argan and Pomegrante Oils, to mention but a few.

And who could resist oils like Organic Argan Oil which is said to be extracted from the "Tree of Life", or Organic Evening Primrose Oil which is also known as the "King's Cure-all", or indeed Organic Sesame Seed Oil which is deemed to be the "Queen of Oils"? Not me, that's for sure.

Facial Serums are the secret in your beauty armoury, the secret to healthy happy skin, and the secret to keeping your skin looking naturally younger for longer.

Lip Products

Pucker up, Buttercup! It's time to get those pretty lips of yours and make them irresistibly luscious.

Do you know the secret to sexy kissable lips and lips that look so tempting in lipstick that men will be queueing round the block to seduce you? (okay, okay - a small exaggeration, but it is only a small exaggeration)

The secret is smooth, well-nourished and moisturised lips. It's really that simple. And with a little bit of help from yours truly, we can get you lips that will have you puckering up in no time!

So let's start smoothing and creating a gorgeous pair of luscious, kissable lips.

Lip Scrub

Kissing should be fun, right? Well let's make it even more fun, sensual and sensitive by using a sweet little product that will have you licking your lips in no time.

Brimming with the sweetest sugar granules which exfoliate your lips leaving them irresistibly smooth, a blend of beautiful organic butters and oils which leave your lips nourished and moisturised, and organic beeswax which leaves a thin layer of protection on your lips, locking in the moisture to keep your lips nourished, Simply Skin Lip Scrubs are impossible to resist.

But did you know that lip scrubs do so much more than smoothing your lips and making a bit of lip-on-lip action more sensual? They also help with the health of your lips.

Let's talk chapped lips, Beautiful. They can be painful and, well, not exactly attractive. If you suffer from chapped lips you'll know that they're dry lips which become cracked and sore. One way to prevent chapped lips is to keep them smooth and moisturised.

Using a little lip scrub on a weekly basis actually reduces the chances of developing chapped lips... which means you can look forward to your next date night and the next, and the next. Oh Beautiful, you're on fire!

Lip Butter

Now that your lips are smooth, soft and irresistibly kissable, let's make sure we keep them that way.

Lip Butters. Most of us carry at least one in our handbag. They're small, may look insignificant but, boy, can they pack a punch when it comes to keeping your lips looking and feeling healthy.

But did you know that the daily health of your lips is being significantly impacted by the quality of the lip butter you apply?

Unlike many big brand names, none of the Simply Skin Lip Butters contain mineral oil (or petroleum/petrolatum). Mineral oil is a heavily processed ingredient, meaning it brings next to no benefit to your lips and certainly does not provide any healthy nutrients for your lips to soak up. What it does do is dry out your lips and lure you into the viscous cycle of re-applying, increasing the dryness, re-applying... and repeat. And to add insult to injury, when your lips feel dry your natural instinct is to dampen them by licking them but this, however, actually makes the matter worse. As your lips become more and more dry, they begin to crack and become painful chapped lips which means all the effort we've just gone through with your lip scrub can be quickly undone... and we don't want that, Beautiful! We want your lips poised and ready for some sensual action, day or night.

That's why all Simply Skin Lip Butters are a beautiful blend of organic butters and oils designed to moisturise and nourish your lips, and organic beeswax which adds a protective layer on your lips, locking in moisture and protecting them from external toxins.

So the next time you're puckering up with lips that look too good to refuse, remember: Simply Skin is cheering you on and backing you up all the way. You go girl!

The Simply Skin Lip Product flavours are available in all five Scent Personalities. You can find out which Scent Personality matches you best by reading about them here or by taking the Scent Personality quiz here.

Have you ever been on a Girls' Night Out, strutting your stuff on the dancefloor with your friends and just as you're getting down with the beats you have to leave the girls for a short sit-down because your feet are just too darn sore and tired? And then the walking home or even the short dander from the taxi to your front door... Oooohhhh... the pain! You've just gotta go barefoot! And then there's the morning after, falling out of bed, those first few steps on the floor where you wonder who snuck into your room during the night and stuck needles in your feet while you slept?

I'm cringing (in pain) right now with memories of nights just like this...

Oh if only I'd been around to help take away a lot of that pain for you... but let's not dwell on the past. I'm here now. So let's get those pretty feet of yours doing a happy dance from now on.

Did you know that a lot of tiredness, discomfort and pain in your feet (and radiating up your legs) is a result of hardened skin? And if you just gave yourself a home spa foot treatment once a week, in no time you'd be the one dancing till dawn?

I kid you not, Beautiful.

Not only will a weekly home spa foot treatment remove hard skin and ensure you can keep dancing all night long, it's so refreshingly addictive that it'll instantly become a luxuriously delicious part of your pampering routine.

All it requires are 3 short sumptuous steps: soak, exfoliate, moisturise.

Foot Soak

The Simply Skin Foot Soaks are a luscious blend of Epsom Salts (to draw out the pain from tired feet), Bicarbonate of Soda (to begin to soften hard skin), botanicals and organic essential oils (to restore your feet, therapeutically).

There's something about soaking your feet that is just so incredibly gratifying. Maybe it's because it forces you to sit still for 10 minutes and relax, or the sense of relief that comes into your feet as the Epsom Salts draw out the weary tiredness and pain, or maybe its simply the comforting sensation of warm water gently enveloping itself around your tense feet. Whatever the reason, a foot soak is right up there when it comes to taking time out for yourself and inviting, not just your feet but, your whole body to relax.

Foot Rub

You can exfoliate your feet with or without having soaked them. But soaking them for only 10 minutes will begin to soften hardened skin which you can then begin to exfoliate with your foot rub. A foot rub will work if you decide not to soak your feet first but the impact is nowhere near as effective... plus you'd miss out on such a therapeutically relaxing stage of the process.

When you exfoliate your feet, you begin the process of removing hard, dead skin and unveiling the beautiful new skin that has been trapped underneath. At the same time you are removing one of the main contributors to sore, tired feet.

The Simply Skin Foot Rub is an opulent fusion of Epsom Salts which exfoliate your feet and remove the hard skin, organic butters and oils which nourish and hydrate your feet, and organic essential oils which therapeutically help your feet recover and fight bacteria.

Foot Butter

The final part of your sumptuously addictive foot treatment is to moisturise your feet.

By this stage you should already notice a marked improvement in the skin on your feet. The hardened, dried, and cracked painful skin should now look softer and hydrated. It won't all be gone (I don't promise overnight miracles) but already you should be feeling a positive difference in your feet.

The application of a Simply Skin Foot Butter is the 'icing on the cake'. It completes your foot treatment by soothing, moisturising, nourishing and hydrating your feet and leaving them tingling with delight.

The Simply Skin Foot Butters are an indulgent medley of organic butters, oils and essential oils which keep your feet hydrated by locking in moisture, will nourish and soften your skin preventing it from drying out and cracking, and will ensure your feet feel relaxed (or revitalised, depending on which butter you choose).

When applying your Simply Skin Foot Butter, only apply a little at a time and allow it to absorb in. Because the product is concentrated a little goes a long way and if you use too much your feet will feel greasy. And please be careful when you stand up as your feet will feel slippy.

Now that you've treated yourself with the ultimate heavenly home spa foot treatment, the only challenge remaining is: Will you be able to wait a week before you indulge again? Probably not... but that's okay.

The Simply Skin Foot Products are available in Spa Relaxing or Spa Revitalising. The Spa Relaxing Foot Products incorporate Organic Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils whilst the Spa Revitalising Foot Products incorporate Organic Peppermint and Rosemary Essential Oils, and Benzoin Essential Oil. When using the Simply Skin foot products in the 3-step treatment, please do not mix and match the Relaxing products with the Revitalising products as your feet, body and mind may become confused and unsettled.