pure & sensitive collection

purity for even the most sensitive of skin

I've designed this collection especially for women who prefer unscented products

It's simple yet luxurious, gentle yet extravagant

when I created this collection...

... I created it with a woman in my mind; a woman who loves the feeling of calmness and serenity, who craves a pure, simple life yet still relishes little luxuries, discretely and, at times, secretly.

A sensitive woman both sensitive in her skin and with those around her. Someone who is more inclined to put others before herself. And, yet, with this collection I invite you to put yourself before others, to fall back in love with yourself, to devote the time to self-love and self-compassion that you know, deep down, you deserve.

It's a gentle collection, mirroring the gentless of you.

It's a soft collection, reflecting the sensitive soul you are.

It's unadulterated, inviting your chosen perfume to shine without competition.

And yet it's also a luxurious collection... because sensitive souls such as yourself should be celebrated and treated with products created from the heart.


Each product in the Pure & Sensitive collection is gently infused with angelic love which tenderly and serenely embraces your skin.

whipped body butter

gentle skin-loving, protective butter moisturises and nourishes your hungry skin

spa salt scrub

unadulterated and pure, sensitive and gentle, this softens and smoothes your skin, leaving it polished & silky soft

shower ice scrub

the ultimate creamy shower scrub which gently buffs your skin whilst cleansing it with luxurious foaming bubbles

shower ice cream

the most gentle creamy shower experience with bubbles so luxuriously soft and gentle

facial scrub

gently smooth and soften your skin with this sumptuously creamy and bubbly facial scrub

facial cleanser

the most gentle creamy and bubbly facial wash - luxuriously decadent

lip butter

excelling in purity and simplicity, this unflavoured lip butter leaves your lips naturally soft and nourished

mini gift pack

containing four of your favourite products, this is the perfect mini gift for yourself to enjoy on an indulgent weekend, away or at home

teaser pack

an opportunity to sample all the gentle luxuries of the Pure & Sensitive collection, in miniature form

if pure & sensitive was a bunny...

... she would love just being present, not looking forward, not looking back but enjoying each day as it comes, enjoying the simplicities in life and life's many little perfections.

And she would say a heartfelt 'thank you' for every product that you purchase because 10% of your order value shall be donated to the Simply Skin Bunny Initiaitve to provide cuddles, food and shelter for the rescued and abandoned bunnies that are so lovingly cared for by the volunteers at the animal rescue centre we have chosen to financially support.