sassy & sexy collection

for women always on the go

I've designed this collection for women looking to just get up and go, for women who thrive on a full and active agenda, whether at work or at play, with friends or alone

The marriage of cool, collected peppermint and crisp, fresh lemon is uplifting and energising and will leave your skin tingling with joy

when I created this collection...

... I pictured a woman on the go, full of life and vitality and not one to sit and rest for too long; a woman with a real zest for life, a curiosity of discovery, and a desire to try new challenges; a woman with a true lightness about her aura and a spring in her step; a woman who greets each morning with a smile and enthusiasm for the day ahead.

Cool, collected peppermint fused with crisp, fresh lemon, this scent will always lift your spirits and add a little zing back into your life.

If the days seem long and challenging, this collection will raise your vibration and carry you through.

If you just don't have the 'get up and go' that you desire, this collection will give you just that.

If your joie de vivre has been waning and you just want to fall back in love with your life, this collection will encourage you to do just that.

This collection will infuse a joy and celebration for life into your body.


Each product in the Sassy & Sexy collection is infused with light and vibrant energy of the angels to raise your vibration and encourage you to glide through your day with energy and vitality.

whipped body butter

savour the refreshingly stimulating scent as you moisturise and nourish your hungry skin

spa salt scrub

buffs away old skin to unveil fresh youthful skin

shower ice scrub

a foaming scrub experience which gently smoothes your skin

shower ice cream

gentle foaming bubbles celebrate the confident, self-assured woman that you are

facial scrub

gently smoothes and softens skin, leaving you feeling confidently assured

facial cleanser

gentle bubbles cleanse your face, leaving you feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead

lip butter

frisky and fun citrus delight flavoured lip butter leaves your glistening and soft

mini gift pack

containing four of your favourite products, this is the perfect mini gift for yourself to enjoy on an indulgent weekend, away or at home

teaser pack

an opportunity to sample all the gentle luxuries of the Sassy & Sexy collection, in miniature form

if sassy & sexy was a bunny...

... she would waken every morning with a gleam in her eye and a real zest for life, eager to get the day started, exploring new places, sniffing out new flowers to try.

And she would say a heartfelt 'thank you' for every product that you purchase because 10% of your order value shall be donated to the Simply Skin Bunny Initiaitve to provide cuddles, food and shelter for the rescued and abandoned bunnies that are so lovingly cared for by the volunteers at the animal rescue centre we have chosen to financially support.