Organic C02 Extracted Sea Buckthorn Oil


Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil

Hippophae rhamnoides

Oil extracted from either the seeds or the pulp of the Sea Buckthorn fruit.  More than 90% of the world’s Sea Buckthorn resources can be found in China

Legend states that before the 12th century BC, the Greeks were surprised to find that some sick horses which had been left to wander loose so they could die a natural death, mysteriously became strong and energetic again.  The source of this magic was traced to a kind of shrub which has since been called ‘Hippophae rhamnoides’, meaning ‘trees that make horse shine’

Sea Buckthorn Oil contains an impressive mix of nutrients which are beneficial to the skin.  Its high level of antioxidants such as Vitamins E, A, C, beta-carotene and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) are reported to help fight against wrinkles, dryness, and other symptoms associated with aging and neglected skin

Its natural reserves of omega-7 is said to provide nourishment, healing and moisture to dry, irritated skin, and is often used to fight common skin conditions and prevent tissue damage

It is further reported to have sun protection properties and, indeed, Russian cosmonauts made use of this oil’s anti-radiant properties in their space expeditions where the lack of atmosphere and closer proximity to the sun left them vulnerable to the full force of the sun’s radiation

  Ingredients - Sea Buckthorn Oil 


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