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  1. In this week's post you're getting two pieces of gossip for the price of one..... yep - I'm feeling generous, today.


    20140603_212328The first piece of information is in relation to Simply Pampered Parties.

    The Simply Pampered parties have changed very slightly since June 1st. 

    There is no change to the actual party format.  When you book your party, you and your guests will still get to try all the products in the main Simply Skin range, you and your guests will still be invited to join the seasonal workshop, and you and your guests will still be treated to a foot treatment at the end of the party.

    20140603_210920IMG_7052pamper party - foot treatment

    So what has changed? 

    Well.  The change is when it comes to ordering the products at the end of the party. 

    Prior to June 1st I invited each host and her guests to buy products at a discounted price.  I am now replacing this with an even more generous offer: depending on how much each person orders at the party, they will receive one (or more) free products from the Simply Skin range.

    The reason this change is much better than before is that instead of each guest receiving a blanket 10% discount on whatever they purchase they will actually receive a much more atractive discount in the form of products. 

    For example:

    lip scrubOrder over 40Eur of products and you'll receive a free lip scrub currently worth 5.50Eur (that's close to 15% discount), or

    shower ice creamOrder over 75Eur of products and you'll receive a free shower ice cream currently worth 15.99Eur (that's almost 20% discount), or

    facial cleanserbody butterOrder over 130Eur of products and you'll receive a free facial cleanser AND a free body butter currently worth a total of 30.00Eur (that's close to 25% discount)


    And as you all know.... the host of the party receives even nicer incentives so can you imagine what she receives?


    I know.... I can hear you asking: "Has Viv finally gone out of her little mind?  Should we get the straight-jackets out and commit her to an mental institute?"

    Well..... no..... I just truly want to thank my best and loyal customers who know how great Simply Skin products are.

    To book your own Simply Pampered Party now, simply follow this link.


    FSCIAnd for your second piece of gossip...... well this week Simply Skin hit the highlights again when it was featured in the Beauty Blog 'Ceetje'.  If you remember, Ceetje reviewed my Chocolate Facial Scrub a few months ago.... it was a really good write-up which you can read again here.

    fsdryThis time she chose to review my Dry Facial Serum.  However, rather than review it herself, she passed the serum to a friend who suffered from dry skin and she gave Ceetje her feedback.  You can read the write-up here.

    It's lovely when someone independent finds my products (or me) and asks to review them - it's such a good way to get true, honest feedback.

    I often wonder if I'm biased or blind-sighted by my products, thinking they're better than they are.  And then I receive a write-up from a beauty blogger or, indeed, receive a comment from one of you in my guestbook and the world is right again.

    So thank you to Ceetje and her friend for the kind review.  And thank you to all of you, my loyal customers, for your product feedback also.