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Simply Skin's First 100% Organic Product

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I am so excited!

ConcoctingIn January 2014, I began working on a new facial serum.  When I say 'working' I mean researching, researching, and more researching followed by a lot of concocting, testing and concluding.

I knew what kind of product I wanted to create.  All that was left was to research potential ingredients and to ensure that whichever ingredients I chose to use would be safe to use on your skin i.e. listed in my Safety Assessment.  And...... those ingredients had to be the best to do the job they would be asked to do.

In the February eNews I launched the product exclusively to my newsletter readers at an insanely attractive price, in return for which I asked them to write a short review.  If you're kicking yourself for missing out on this offer, then you might want to fill in the form at the top right of this page..... you never know what other exclusive offers you could be missing out on in the future.

It is now March.  Time to launch.....


So what is the product, exactly?

Well..... I'm glad you asked


facial serum - regenerating nightThis new product is a facial serum.  But unlike the other popular facial serums in the range this one is designed for use at night..... to work its magic while you enjoy your travels through dreamland.

Similar to the other facial serums, this product is nutritious enough to use once a week and gentle enough to use daily.


What makes this product so special?

Well....... this product is Simply Skin's FIRST 100% organic product..... I'm so excited!  Yep..... when you put this little beauty on your face, you are putting 100% perfection.


Why should I try this product?

Well I can instantly think of 3 excellent reasons why you should try this product straight away:

1.  The oils and essential oils in this product have been carefully chosen because they are some of the best oils when it comes to encouraging skin cell regeneration, are high in anti-oxidants, and are highly nourishing and moisturising.  In short this means that these oils are super popular in the use of anti-aging products.

2.  This product is currently being sold at a very special introductory price - because this serum incorporates 100% organic ingredients, it is much more expensive to make than other facial serums.  So it will, therefore, be priced higher.  However at the moment..... you'll have to hurry..... I am offering it at a ridiculously low price.... it's an absolute steal!

3.  My lucky eNews readers who took advantage of my offer at the start of February are all in total agreement.... this product rocks! 


 Initial Product Reviews

Here are a few quotes from customers who have already trialled this product:

".....I love the feel on my skin"

"My skin already feels and looks healthier after only using it for a couple of weeks.... I swear I have less wrinkles!"

"I like the serum! The only thing is that the smell is a little too strong for me"

"I like the woody smell.... you just know it's pure"

"Wow!..... wow!"

"I'm so in love with this product I use it every night"

" skin has never been happier!!"

"The smell of the oil is a little strong for me but I love the product's effect so much I can't resist it...."


To try this product for yourself, simply go to the online boutique.  And if you also want to let me know what you think after you use it, then drop me a note at [email protected] I'd love to hear from you.


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