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I have some super exciting news to share with you today.

After spending the last weeks scouring the country for Simply Pampered Party Planners...... I am delighted to announce that the first Party Planner shall be stepping proudly into her role at the end of this month.

Kim Colman - Amsterdam Party PlannerI am so excited to welcome Kim Colman on board.

I met Kim last year when she was a guest at a Simply Pampered party.  And shortly after she hosted a party herself. 

When I first mentioned that I was looking for party planners, Kim immediately stepped forward.  In fact, as I was beginning my search for the perfect party planner, Kim was actually getting ready to ask me if she could help in my business in anyway.

Coincidence?  I think not.

So what is so special about Kim?  Well the list is endless.  But here are some of the important points that led me to a re-sounding 'yes' when we spoke:

  • Kim knows and loves Simply Skin products - she's already an excellent ambassador; I feel confident that she will be a fabulous Simply Skin representative.
  • She will easily communicate the values of Simply Skin as her personal values are comparable - she is honest, dedicated to our customers, and has a desire to contribute to the greater good.
  • She has run her own successful business in the past and will bring experience and knowledge to her role.
  • Kim is forward-thinking and looks to the long-term.  She knows that whilst things may start small at the beginning, that, while Simply Skin grows, Kim's role will grow within it. 


So please join me in welcoming Kim to the Simply Skin team.


Kim shall be managing the Amsterdam area and running your parties there from the end of this month.  I hope both you and Kim will have as much fun together at your parties as I have had.

Kim Colman - Amsterdam Party Planner


If you, or someone you know, has the personal values that match those of Simply Skin, has focus on long-term rewards rather than short-term gains, wants to work with a company which contributes toward a greater good, and relishes new challenges in your life.... then drop me an email at [email protected].  You too could become part Simply Skin.

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