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The Joy of Handmade Products

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Nowadays, more people are choosing to buy handmade products over mass produced factory products. 

But why?  What have handmade products got that factory-made products don’t?  Aren’t handmade products simply too expensive a luxury, especially when money is tight in today’s economic environment?

In general, buying handmade products is almost the same as buying factory-made products.  The only material difference is that you get more benefits from buying handmade products.  In the case of cosmetics, here are just some of the benefits you gain when you choose handmade over mass-produced, factory-made:


Intimate Knowledge of the Product & Ingredients



Have you ever walked into a cosmetic store and tried to comprehend the ingredients listed on the label?  If you have, then you’ll more than likely agree with me that you feel you need a science degree to understand the ingredients list. 

And when you’ve asked the shop assistant to explain what the ingredients are, have they been able to help you?  Probably not.

I hand-make my own cosmetics which I sell in my little shop in Weesp and here, online.  But I still find it difficult to remember the scientific names for all the ingredients.  So how can I expect my customers to know their names? 

However, because I make every product myself, I have an intimate knowledge of the ingredients I put into each product and why.  And I’m keen to share this knowledge with my customers.  That’s why, when you come into my shop, you find little description cards with all the products, explaining what I have used and why.  And I am currently in the process of transferring this information direct onto little cards that I can attach to the products so my customers can take that knowledge home with them.


More Personalised Shopping Experience

Although it is difficult to receive a personalised shopping experience online, I try to provide as much information as possible to my online customers so they can better choose which product matches best their needs without the need of speaking directly to me... however I hope that my customers know they can always use the ‘Contact Us’ tab when they need some additional advice.

Running a small business and making the products myself, means that I can offer a bespoke service to my customers.  This is particularly beneficial to customers who are sensitive to specific allergens or have specific health requirements.


Quality Guaranteed


Large companies usually make mass-produced items in their factories to meet the demand of their customers.  As a result, quality can be compromised and often ingredients are selected from a cost perspective rather than from a quality viewpoint. 

Small businesses that focus on handmade products tend to focus strongly on quality.  They do not tend to emphasise the importance of bottom line profit if it means reducing quality.   

For example, our Whipped Body Butters do not include water (aqua).  We use traditional Body Butter recipes which do not incorporate water but rather comprise predominantly butters (such as Shea Butter) and oils (such as Sweet Almond Oil). 

Whilst large companies will profess that water aids absorption of the product through the skin, we prefer to focus on designing and creating a product that moisturises and nourishes your skin throughout the day and a product which does not need to be reapplied on a regular basis.  We choose not to bulk out our product using a cheap ingredient that traditionally would not have been included just so we can fall in line with the norm.


Feel the Love

When you purchase from someone who hand-makes their own products, you will be purchasing from someone who loves what they do and who finds it impossible to hide the passion they feel towards their creation.   Do you get the same experience when you walk into a High Street store?


Be ahead of the curve – don’t follow the flock


When you buy a hand-made product you will most likely visit a small unique shop which is not widely known.  You can, therefore, be the first to lead a trend; be the first among your friends to discover a well-hidden artisan; or, even, be the first among your friends to give a truly unique gift.  Feel that sense of pride that you have been among the first to support a local artisan rather falling in with the flock and supporting companies which make products that everyone else can easily buy.

If you need any more reasons why buying hand-made is better than factory-made, then why not read this interesting little article:

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