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What is Body Butter?

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Girl applying Body Butter

Did you miss my blog last week?  My apologies.  I’ve been busy re-vamping my website to increase interest and traffic.  I hope it works.... let me know what you think of the new look. 

So down to this week’s blog: Body Butters

Most people have a Body Butter in their bathroom.  But what is the primary (first) ingredient listed in your body butter?  Is it ‘aqua’ (ie water)?  Most probably. 

If aqua is, indeed, the primary ingredient, then what you have bought is not strictly a traditional body butter.  The water has been added for two primary reasons:

To reduce the cost of production

To help your skin more quickly absorb the product


A traditional and true Body Butter is basically a cream without the water and preservatives (preservatives are a necessity in cosmetics wherever water is added).  So a Body Butter should be a combination of pure oils and butters in a concentrated form.  Unlike a cream or lotion, a Body Butter will not wash right off.  It should feel heavy when first applied and gradually be absorbed into your skin. 

Using a Body Butter instead of a moisturiser is a good choice because Body Butters are much richer than your standard body lotion.  The skin drinks in moisture and using a Body Butter will keep your skin hydrated longer, especially on those extra dry areas like your feet and elbows.

This means that you should only have to apply a true Body Butter once a day after your morning shower – it should nourish and moisturise your skin throughout the day without the need to re-apply.  Or if you have very dry skin you may also wish to apply a Body Butter specially designed for night-time use (such Body Butters absorb into the skin slowly while you sleep due to the heavier oils incorporated in the recipe).

You should be able to find a Body Butter which best compliments your skin type.  At Simply Skin I currently carry 6 types of Body Butter which are all whipped and hand-piped into their individual jars:

Blue Lilac

Whipped Aloe & Blue Lilac Body Butter  - this Whipped Body Butter is a light body butter which, though it keeps your skin moisturised all day, will sink into your skin quickly.  It combines Shea and Aloe butter. 

Shea butter is one of the most common ingredients used in Body Butters because of its reported ability to return lustre and tone to the skin.  We have used quickly absorbed Aloe Butter because of its reported natural anti-inflammatory properties.  The oil used in this Whipped Body Butter is Sweet Almond Oil which is deemed to be easily absorbed by the skin and is an oil often used as the carrier oil in Aromatherapy massages.

This Whipped Butter is perfect for normal, but damaged, skin.  It is also allergen-free.

Japanese Plum

Whipped Mango & Japanese Plum Body Butter– this Whipped Body Butter is the second light body butter in my range. 

The primary ingredient I have chosen for this body butter is Mango Butter which is believed to have natural emollient (moisturising) effects, wound healing, and regenerative activity.   Mango Butter is said to effectively treat dry skin, heal skin rashes and peeling after tanning, clear blemishes, delay wrinkles, and relieve itch skin.  To the Mango Butter I have added Fractionated Coconut Oil because it closely resembles the skin’s natural sebum (oil).

This Whipped Body Butter is perfect for normal/dry skin which may be itchy or blemished.


Whipped Red Olive & Ginger Body Butter – I consider this body butter to be medium-weight.

The recipe combines Shea and Olive Butters.  Shea butter is reported to have the ability to return lustre and tone to the skin whilst Olive Butter exhibits excellent spreadability on your skin whilst helping to moisturise and condition dry skin.  The oil of choice in this Whipped Body Butter is nutrient-rich Avocado Oil which has excellent penetrating properties and is deemed to be beneficial for those with skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.

This Whipped Body Butter is, therefore, recommended for dry skin where eczema or psoriasis may be present.

Body Butter - Cupcake

Whipped Cupcake Shea Body Butter – this body butter could be classed as medium/heavy in weight.  Once applied it will leave a thin coating/film on your skin for some time as it is absorbed quite slowly, protecting your skin to the full.

This Whipped Body Butter is over 95% Shea Butter, one of the most popular butters used in body butter recipes and believed to have the ability to return lustre and tone to the skin.  We have married this with Sweet Almond Oil to aid the absorption process.

This Whipped Butter is recommended for very dry skin.


Whipped Golden Gleam Body Butter – this body butter contains exactly the same base ingredients as the Whipped Cupcake Shea Body Butter.  But in this Whipped Body Butter I have added some glitter for that extra little fun and sparkle.

Body Butter - Relaxing Lavender

Whipped Relaxing Lavender Night Body Butter – due to the choice of oils incorporated in this Body Butter, this is the heaviest body butter in my range and is designed for night-time use.  I have therefore used Lavender Essential Oil in the recipe as this is reputed to induce sleep and increase the length of time you spend in a deep sleep.

This Whipped Body Butter incorporates the ever-popular Shea Butter which is believed to have the ability to return lustre and tone to the skin.    To this I have added Coconut Oil which, unlike lighter Fractionated Coconut Oil, comes in a solid form similar in appearance to a butter.  Coconut Oil is particularly good for dry skin and is also believed to delay wrinkles and sagging of skin.  I have also used Jojoba Oil because it is considered to be the naturally produced oil that most closely resembles the skin’s natural sebum (oil).

This Whipped Body Butter is recommended for dry skin which would benefit from intense moisturising.


Unfortunately we have become so accustomed to the feel and texture of the many body butters found in large high street chain stores that the change over to a traditional body butter can take some adjustment and time.  But it is time well-spent and your skin will thank you for it.

I think it is important that I only sell products that I enjoy using myself.  So I am speaking from personal experience when I say that the changeover to a proper Body Butter took a little patience and re-adjustment.  But I wouldn’t look back now.  If I want a product that is quickly absorbed into my skin and does not feel, initially, as heavy as a body butter, I’ll use a good-quality cream or lotion (hopefully coming to Simply Skin later this year).  If I want my skin to feel fresh and nourished throughout the day.... then I’m definitely a Body Butter convert.

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