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The Return of Animal Testing

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Animal Testing

Friends, today's blog is, unfortunately, far from upbeat and positive. But I think it is necessary to share the devastating news that many of the large cosmetic companies have decided to return to animal testing.


Well, one of the largest growing economic markets is China and, in order for cosmetic companies to sell to the Chinese market, they are required by the Chinese government to perform animal testing on their products/ingredients.

And sadly, many large well-known cosmetic companies are so keen to break through to the Chinese market that, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), they have bowed to the inhumane requirements of the Chinese government without even a fight. Do you truly want to support these companies who publicly touted their 'no animal testing' policies for two decades, only to quietly sneak back to animal testing in order to improve their revenues and enter a new market? I don't know what you think but it makes me ask myself „What else are these companies prepared to do to increase their revenues?“

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The cosmetic industry is highly demanding.:

Customers are led to believe that by applying a magic cream they can suddenly turn back the clock and look 20 years younger.

Customers are led to believe that they can remove the signs of aging.

The beauty industry no longer desires to simply sell a well-made product – instead it promises an image, credibility, and the possibility of star power.

All these promises, amalgamated with many large companies' return to animal testing sends shivers down my spine. What will the beauty industry promise next? And, more importantly, how do they plan to test the products and chemicals necessary to meet those 'promises'?

There is no better time to turn to the small companies who know what ingredients go into their products and why those ingredients are there.

There is no better time to go for good, solid quality with a personal service.


At Simply Skin I pride myself in using ingredients which help the health and appearance of your skin but I will not promise to make you 20 years younger.

I pride myself in giving my customers a very honest and personal service – where, for example, my products are not 100% natural I will openly explain to you why.

I pride myself in avoiding the unnecessary addition of ingredients to simply improve my profit margin – for example, you will not see any water in any of my luscious Whipped Body Butters.

I pride myself in producing high quality, hand-crafted products at a price which is competitive with products found in the larger chains.

But most of all, I pride myself in sticking to my principles. Whilst I need to keep my head above water, I am not driven by profit margins I am driven by my desire to bring you products which make your skin feel and look healthy.


I want to thank you for reading this week's blog. I personally found the news of the return to animal testing shockingly disappointing, but I also guess I am not totally surprised. Many large companies are so driven to keep costs to a minimum, to retain profit margins at their maximum level, and to gain pole position in new markets that to lose their way and turn their back on their founding principles is part of their evolution and journey. But, I ask you, will this new direction lead them to continued growing success? Perhaps in new demanding markets, yes. But will their loyal customers from the Western markets who supported and carried the companies through to the successes they enjoy today continue to stick with them, now that these companies have turned their backs on what is important to their loyal customers? Well – we can only wait and see.

In my blog, I have purposely not mentioned any large companies, by name, as I am not in the market to name and shame companies – I merely want to highlight the change in principle and directions that many large companies are currently taking and why, and to get you thinking how this may further impact the future.

If, however, you wish to read further on this topic, you can easily find many articles on the internet which are more explicit in their discussion such as:

Stop Animal Testing



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