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I'm Walking on Sunshine, hey yeh

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 "I'm Walking on Sunshine' by Katrina and the Waves has got to be one of my all-time favourite songs.  Everytime it comes on the radio, I turn up the volume and have myself a little party (so beware - if you're ever in the Simply Skin boutique when that happens, you'll be invited to join the party!)



At the moment it seems that the song is being played on the radio every day.  Why?  Well, have you noticed the change in weather?  Have you spotted the sun poking out from behind the clouds?  Have you retired your winter coat to the cupboard?

Finally, after what has felt like the longest Winter on record, Spring has finally arrived and Summer is just around the corner.

Are you ready? 

  • Have you unpacked and freshened up your summer clothes? Check!
  • Have you invested in new sun protection products? Check! (after all - you can't be too careful nowadays)
  • Have you wiped the cobwebs off your BBQ? Check!
  • And unpacked all your favourite sandals, shoes and flip flops? Check!

Ahhhhhh!!! Sandals!!!!!!! That means it's almost time to expose your feet to the world again!

Ahhhhhh!!!  My feet!!!

After months of being hidden away in thick socks and boots, are your feet ready to greet the world again? 

hairy feet


  Or should I better ask: Is the world ready to greet your feet again?



The sooner you start getting your feet into shape, the better prepared you'll be when the weather takes that sudden, more permanent turn for the better.

And isn't it about time to say "thank you" to your loyal and dedicated feet anyway?  We tend to take our feet for granted every day.  We ask them to carry us everywhere, everyday and we often subject them to ill-fitting footwear (all in the name of fashion).... you got to admit - we don't always look after them yet we expect the world from them in return.

So what should you do to get your feet back in shape for summer?

Well - here are 3 very simple and easy steps to make life a lot more enjoyable for your overworked, tired tootsies:



Softening: relax or revitalise your tired feet at the end of a long day by soaking them for 10-15 minutes in warm water.  By adding a special foot soak with essential oils and water-softening properties you can take this simple treatment to a more luxurious level that your tootsies will certainly thank you for.





Exfoliating: is the skin on your heels and balls of your feet hard, rough and cracked?  If you're feeling really honest, would you admit to it looking even a tad unsightly?  Yep - rough, unloved feet are never a pretty sight to behold.  But all is not lost - exfoliation is your answer.  By exfoliating your feet once a week, you rid your feet of dead skin cell build-up, prevent your pores from becoming clogged up, and reveal (and encourage) new soft beautiful skin underneath.... ready for strutting its stuff in your favourite sandals.




 Nourish & moisturise: now that your feet are ready for the catwalk, you want to keep them feeling and looking healthy by treating them to a cream which will moisturise and nourish their new-found beauty.  Similar to the rest of your body, your feet love to be pampered and moisturised so they can continue to look and feel healthy and gorgeous.


By following these 3 quick and simple steps, you too can walk out with pride in your favourite summer sandals.

....... Or can you?

Are your toes also in good shape?

You don't want to let your beautiful feet down by having ragged toenails..... so don't forget to keep your nails trim by cutting them in a single straight line to prevent in-growing toenails and, then, why not splash out on a lovely sunny shade of polish.

twinkle toes

So there - we're done.  Simple, wasn't it? Our feet are ready for summer, we're ready for summer.... let summer begin!

Enjoy walking on your little bit of sunshine this summer.  I know I will.

And if you're interested in following the 3-step programme I have listed above, then pop across to my online shop and check out my foot products there.

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