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Achoo, aaaachoo! Bless you

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Achoo, aaaachoo!  Bless you


Yep - people tell me it's not all fun and games being perfume sensitive.  When you're confronted with perfume you    sneeze, you wheeze, you itch and you scratch.  You can even develop painful rashes and migraine headaches.


"Hmmmmmm..... Time to waken up to the fact that some of my potential customers are suffering from something that is, quite literally, added to every cosmetic, beauty product, household cleaner, clothes-wash..... to name but a few", I thought.... and they cannot even enjoy anything in the current range of Simply Skin products which is specifically designed to make their skin look and feel healthy..... double whammy!

Is that fair?  Of course not!

mission possibleSo that set me on a mission which I started by doing a little research

Fact: In Canada there was a poll conducted by Roper Reports Canda which concluded that 37% of Canadian women look for cosmetics and skincare products which are fragrance-free.

But do you think perfume sensitivities are something confined to Canda?  Is there something strange in the Canadian air?  Hmmmmm.......

Of course not!  If 37% of Canadian women are perfume sensitive, then I guarantee that a similar number of people in all other countries are also perfume sensitive.... they just may not know that they are.

Fact: One of the biggest reasons for gynaecological irritations in women is...... perfume-related.

Are you seeing an issue here yet?  I certainly am.

So what can be done about this?

Well I consider myself in a privileged position where I can actually help these women.  And if I don't help?  Well.... then I've let down all my potential customers and shunned the basic aim behind Simply Skin: To make your skin look and feel healthy.  I'd prefer not to see myself as a hypocrit so it's time to act.

But, hold on..... Surely there must be products out there which adequately address the issue of perfume sensitivity already?

So, through my networking, I happened upon a few ladies who complained that they suffered from perfume sensitivity.  So I asked them:

What products are out there for you to use?

And the reply I got was consistent

Good news: there are products

Bad news: they're boring and expensive and large manufacturers don't see it as cost effective enough to produce a quality perfume-free range.

And then came my Eureka moment


I create high quality beauty products - WIN

My products do not cost an arm and a leg to buy and last much longer than regular high street brands - WIN

My focus is not on reducing costs but in creating happy loyal customers - WIN

That sounds like a Win-Win-Win situation to me


So what to do?

Well I've been a busy bee working away gathering honeyed information and testing on some very kind and willing volunteers.

You see.... When I first designed my new range, I created 5 scents which I knew my customers would love.  And in my designs I also made plans for an allergen-free range as I wanted to reach out to new customers that other high street shops ignored and considered too expensive.

So my first step, when I found my willing volunteers, was to ask them to try products I made for them using a fabulous allergen-free dark chocolate scent: I wanted to be able to share my perfume world with them in a safe way.

But all didn't go quite to plan....... not all my volunteers could use the allergen-free products.  Strange..... how could that be?

So I did some more homework and do you know what I discovered?

Just because a product is allergen-free doesn't mean that it is suitable for perfume sensitive customers.



I certainly was....

.... So I did more research and what did I find?

  • Well..... there are 26 allergens that must be declared on all beauty products if they exceed a certain amount in a product (this can be as little as 0.001%)  Check - I knew that from my cosmetic training.
  • Perfumes which are allergen-free do not contain any of these 26 allergens.  Check - I knew that from my cosmetic training.
  • But there are more than 26 allergens.  And customers who are perfume-sensitive may have a sensitivity to any allergen, not just the specific 26 allergens that need to be declared.  Ahhhhhhh....... of course! I hadn't thought of that!

So what to do next?

Well the answer is obvious..... create high-quality products from the normal Simply Skin range but without adding any perfume. 

And that is exactly what I now offer my perfume-sensitive customers.

Currently if you want to try my perfume-free (or unscented) products you can do so by dropping me (Vivienne) an email at [email protected] or completing the Simply Skin Contact form.

But as my customer-base grows and more and more customers choose to use unscented products, then those products will also become part of my mainstream range.

For Simply skin it's all about:

Creating high quality hand-made products at an affordable price, and

Ensuring all customers are treated equally and not financially penalised because they are perfume-sensitive


So, in conclusion, I say: "Step aside Mr Cruise - this is a mission that is possible"


If you found this post helpful and interesting please don't forget to share it, especially amongst your friends who may be perfume-sensitive because I know you want them to also enjoy high quality beauty products from a company who truly cares about the health and look of their skin too.


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