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It's been re-vamped..... It's been re-designed.... It's being re-launched!!

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This week on my Facebook page I've subjected you to 3 teasers

Did you see them? 

Did you work out what I was up to?

Well let's work through them together to see if we can come up with the answer.  (Click 'Read more' to continue)

foot care 2 copy

Teaser 1: How do you and your friends fancy a full home-spa foot treatment in a fun and gezellig atmosphere?

In today's economic climate, people are turning to home-spa treatments more and more. 

Are you? 

To answer the demand of my customers, especially on the run-up to summer (though are you also wondering if summer is going to come to The Netherlands this year?) I have created a simple, luxurious, afforable home-spa foot treatment which you can use in the comfort of your own home with your friends.

So - easy, wasn't it - that must be the complete answer to my 1st teaser this week...... or is it?

Hold on..... if that was all there was, then surely I wouldn't have written 2 more teasers, would I?  Hmmmmm

Enter Teaser 2:

body - coconut ruffle Teaser 2: How do you and your friends fancy making your own personalised Shower Ice Cream for less than normal retail price?

A-ha..... I'm seeing a connection between Teaser 1 and Teaser 2.  Are you? 

Could the connection be helping my fabulous customers continue to enjoy their Simply Skin products in what is perceived to be an on-going economic crisis by showing them how to make their very own Shower Ice Cream and save money..... just like I'm helping them save money through my home-spa foot treatment?

But if that's the connection, then why would there be a 3rd Teaser?

Hmmmmm......... confused?

Okay... bring on #3:

face - mango

Teaser 3:  How do you and your friends fancy an evening of indulgent pampering with top quality hand-made beauty products from the Simply Skin range, in the comfort of your own home?

Okay - let's think this through:

Teaser 1: saving money + gezellig atmosphere + friends = home-spa foot treatment

Teaser 2: saving money + friends + DIY (do it yourself) = personalised Shower Ice Cream

Teaser 3: friends + home (gezellig atmosphere) + Simply Skin products = evening of indugent pampering

Can you spot what's going on?

If you're a die-hard Simply Skin follower, like I know many of you are, you probably tied all 3 teasers together yesterday when I posted Teaser 3. 

Am I right?

Let's take Sharon's reaction to Teaser 3 on FB, for example: "Me, me, me... 2 more weeks to go!"

Do you think Sharon knows what I'm up to?

Of course she does! 

Sharon was one of the few who heard a rumour about Simply Skin a few weeks ago, started spreading the word amongst her friends and before you know it....... well........ let's not quite let the cat out of the bag just yet

cat out of the bag

So what's all the buzz about?

Well at the start of this year, I told you that Simply Skin would be changing.  It would be growing and it would be reaching out to more and more customers.

And that's exactly what I'm doing.

Last year Simply Skin had a product called the Simply Pampered Party.  Some of you have had the chance to host or join a Simply Pampered party and, indeed, some of you have kindly written testimonials about your experience at a party for me (which shall be shared on my website soon).

But this year I decided that the Simply Pampered Party had to be re-vamped and re-designed so it would reach more customers and bring more fun and gezellig-ness (is that a word?) into more homes in The Netherlands.

But how do you take an already successful party model and make it even better?

think out of the box

Let me tell you - it's not easy. 

It takes a lot of brainstorming and thinking out of the box

But thanks to some generous advice and being able to bounce ideas off fabulous people, the all-new Simply Pampered Party has been born.

And, based on reactions from Rumourville.... it's already a success with a number of parties already being booked.



So what's so fabulous about this new model?

Well.  Firstly it has a theme.  And the current theme is summer: Simply Summer - we're talking exfoliation and gorgeous summer skin.

Then I have removed the cost of booking/attending  a party.  Yes, folks...... IT'S FREE!

You and your friends can enjoy a full home-spa foot treatment...... GRATIS

You and your friends can make your very own personalised Shower Ice Cream..... for less than retail price because summer just isn't summer without ice cream!

All that and you still get to try loads of fabulous Simply Skin products.

Ooooh..... and there's even more...... but you'll only find that out when you book your own Simply Pampered Party..... I have to keep some surprises to myself.

It should come as no surprise, then, that my diary is starting to fill up...... fabulous!  The hope to reach out to more fabulous customers is working.

Are you intrigued?

Do you fancy hosting your own Simply Pampered Party?

Then don't delay. Drop me an email at [email protected].eu... because you know that you and your friends deserve a little fun and luxury while we patiently wait for summer to make an appearance?

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