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How may I help you?

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When was the last time you heard someone utter those words to you?

Normally you only get help if you ask for it.... which makes sense - after all no-one's telepathic

be different


But at Simply Skin I pride myself in being different

I want my products and customer service to stand out from the crowd



It is important for me to have happy customers. 

It is important to me to provide products that my customers enjoy and which make their skin glow with health.


Im listening

Last year I Iistened to your feedback

And..... I radically changed my product line for this year because of what you told me...... (click 'Read more' to continue)

So, instead of having a hodge-podge of scents and colours, I streamlined my products into 5 different scent/colour combinations so you can buy a full range of products in your favourite scent.

And it seems that you have liked this idea.

And so you should as it was your own fabulous idea - I had the easy task - I simply implemented it


Im listening



This year I want to know more.....




Last week on my Facebook Page you may have noticed I asked a question:

"Are there any topics you would like me to blog about?"

And I got some fabulous responses:



"ingredients and their properties, your new ideas for products" from Olga 




bags under the eyes


"Tips for bags under the eyes...." from Deborah






"Beauty from outside- beauty from inside- we are what we eat! And we all love to eat - I understand you are also a bit of a baker - what about the occasional recipe?" from Vanessa



And I shall be addressing these topics either here in my blog or on the Simply Skin Facebook Page.


But I want to ask my question again, this time, here, in my blog: "What topics do you want me to blog about?"

You see..... I want to write posts:

  • that interest my customers,
  • that give you insight into natural beauty and healthy skin,
  • that help you to make informed decisions when you shop for skincare... and so much more.


Basically....... I want you to own this blog

I merely want to be the voice answering the questions you want answered; the person writing on topics you want to read.




So what beauty topics would you like me to post about?

What tips and tricks can I share with you?


Talk to me.... tell me what you want and I will do my utmost to deliver.


How can I help you?



If there's a topic you want discussed, then simply add your suggestion in the comments below.

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