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New products on the way....

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A couple of weeks ago on a FB post, I asked if there are any topics you would like me to write about on my blog

And, then, last week my blog post was again based on this question.

I've had some great responses!

Olga was the first enthusiast to jump in with a suggestion: "ingredients and their properties, your new ideas for products"

Olga's suggestion was made just before I launched my new snazzy website (do you like the new look?) which already answered part of her request "ingredients and their properties"..... yep - telepathy, folks, is a great thing in today's modern world (well - that's what I tell myself).  

Do you also want to know more about the ingredients I use in your products and why? 

Then your answers are just a click away.


But what about my new product ideas?






What do you think?  Should I open my 'Top Secret' file?  Should I reveal my plans and what I've been up to in the Simply Skin kitchen, behind closed doors?

Why.... Of course I should!


I think this is a fabulous idea, Olga! Thank you for your suggestion.

If I don't let my current and potential customers know what I'm up to, how do I know the new products will meet their expectations and desires?



Okay - it's confession time.....


........ sometime ago I contacted a small number of loyal customers and asked them for their advice in relation to a new product range I have been planning for a while......



I didn't advertise it on Facebook (my favourite form of social media.... incase you haven't already spotted that) as the range is not applicable to all customers. 

But I did want to get some feedback. 

And the feedback I did receive was really helpful....

and has been incorporated (as much as possible) in the recipes for my new range.



I hear you ask......



I am currently working a Baby Range

cute baby


Some of you who were contacted may be asking: "Are you still working on this?..... It seems to have been going on forever"  

Well, yes..... it has been a very long drawn-out process which has taken much longer than I had ever imagined.

You see (in a nutshell)....



First I had to research the types of products mothers use on their babies - this involved a lot of reading & research, and a lot of questions to young mums




Second I had research the very best ingredients for babies' skin, design recipes which incorporated those ingredients, and make the test products (to make sure they are of the standard expected of Simply Skin products)




Third I have to send my recipes to my Safety Assessor for review and approval (sign-off)


baby skin


As you all, probably, already know..... babies have perfectly beautiful skin that needs nurturing and care.  You need to be careful what ingredients and products you use on their delicate little skin as you do not want to damage it.

So there have been a lot of questions for me to consider and I have spent a lot of time and effort researching and speaking to experts in order to answer these :

  • Is it possible (and more importantly, 'safe') to have 100% natural products?
  • Which essential oils can be used on baby's skin?
  • Should products even be scented (using essential oils) anyway?
  • What oils are best for baby's skin?
  • What protective properties do I want the ingredients to have?
  • What ingredients have those properties?

And this list is certainly not exhaustive.......

...... as you can imagine, it hasn't been an overnight process.  And as baby's skin is so delicate and important, I really didn't want to rush my decisions until I was completely sure I had made the correct ones.




So where exactly am I in this process?

Is that what you're asking me?



The research has been done check

The ingredients have been found check

The recipes have been writtencheck

Test products have been madecheck

And.......... the recipes are now with my Safety Assessor for his approvalcheck

So I'm estimating that I'm approximately one month away from production and launch

Exciting times!


If you're as excited as I am about this new Simply Skin range and you know a mother who would love to get her hands on some fabulous baby products.... then feel free to share this blog and spread the word


And if you have any ideas for future blog posts, please feel free to add your ideas in the 'Comments' section below.



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