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Looking Beautiful - chatting with the expert

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This week's blogpost is a little different....

betsie-du-plessis... because this week I caught up with, Betsie du Plessis, a fabulous makeup artist I've known for over a year now.  So I thought I'd pick her brain a little.

And then I thought: "Why should I keep all her advice to myself?"

So I decided it would be so much nicer to share one or two of her tips here with you also. 

Now.  I may be an expert in designing and creating skincare products but when it comes to makeup..... well - that's a whole other ballgame.

So I thought it about time to start bringing my knowledge a little more up to date.


And I started with "BB".... nope I wasn't nervous and stuttering over my words in Betsie's presence.  I decided to ask her about a product that I have seen appear on all makeup company advertisements lately: BB Cream.

Have you ever heard of it? 

Do you know what it's for? 

Have you ever used it?

Like I said - when it comes to makeup I'm still a bit of a novice and naturalist so a lot of this advertising and accompanying information slips by me.  It's so good to know an expert who can (try to) educate me.

And, boy, has Betsie educated me.

BB Cream stands for Beauty Balm

These creams are said to be multitasking beauty products that hydrate, prime, protect and perfect all in one.  They often also come tinted, leaving you no reason for the added step of foundation. 

Hmmmmm... I'll be interested on getting my hands on a tube sometime and looking at all the fabulous active ingredients they are said to contain.  Maybe a future product appearing in the Simply Skin range someday?  Who knows.

BB Cream


However, like many beauty products, the BB cream could already be outdated!  Yep - first introduced only a year or two ago and already it could be a dinosaur.... WOW..... beauty trends never stand still for too long.


Betsie went on to explain:

"After BB Cream, you now have CC cream!  L'Oreal was the first to introduce this 'anti-redness' and 'anti-fatigue' correction cream.

CC stands for Colour Correction.  You can use these creams to give red- or grayish-looking skin a beautiful even and smooth appearance.  It also moisturises your skin and contains SPF12.  The CC cream is available in only 2 colours.  When applying it on the skin, it gets absorbed and takes on the colour of your skin.  With this cream you don't need any foundation.  However, if you prefer more coverage I suggest that you use your CC cream as a primer with foundation over it."

CC cream


BB.... CC..... I, personally, have a lot to learn (and research) when it comes to makeup.  But I found it very interesting and Betsie certainly has a wealth of knowledge.


So we spent quite sometime after the BB v CC discussion talking about other makeup tecniques and tips..... (far too much to mention here or we'll be here all night.)

We chatted about the various types of looks you can achieve with the right makeup, the impressions you can make on people as a result of applying the right eye makeup, how the natural look can be perfected..... and so much more.

Just as we were running out of time, however, I asked Betsie for some final advice - something that even I could apply in everyday life.  Like I mentioned earlier: when it comes to makeup, I'm a bit of a novice and a naturalist.  But I have to admit..... I do feel naked without, at least, a little eye makeup.  So I asked Betsie if she would kindly share a simple, easy-to-apply tip for someone with blue eyes such as myself and she said:

"If you have blue eyes:

Orange, yellow or brown eye shadow will enhance the colour of your eyes.

Stay away from blue eye shadow - it will make your eyes look dull and flat!"

Yellow eyeshadow Blue eyes orange eye shadow

Now there's something I didn't know...... looks like I might have to go on a bit of a shopping spree soon.

If you want to find out more tips and tricks from Betsie, I have a very unique opportunity for you to do so.  You can delve into Betsie's wealth of knowledge and experience this Saturday (June 29th) between 2pm and 5pm as she has very kindly offered to come to the Simply Skin boutique in Weesp to give FREE makeup treatments and advice.

This is such a fabulous opportunity.... you'd be crazy to miss it.

And to make it even more fun on Saturday, everyone who signs up on my facebook event page (or who drops me an email at [email protected]) can also receive a free Simply Skin foot treatment on the day..... yep - I think the summer sun has gone to my head!

If, however, you can't make it on Saturday but you would like to contact Betsie for makeup advice, learn how to better apply your own makeup, or just treat yourself to a makeover, then all you have to do is check out her website.




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