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It's Party Time!

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Over the past 4 weeks my blogposts have been pretty intense, discussing the importance of correct legal labelling on cosmetic and beauty products and how to read and understand those labels.

So I have decided that this week we should kick back and have a bit of fun.  So it's time to party...... and when I say party, I mean Simply Pampered Party..... simply the best party in town!


Are you ready to party?

Are you ready to be pampered?

Foot Spa 2

Then kick off your shoes, sit back and enjoy


So let's start with the basics:  What is a Simply Pampered Party?

That's simple.....

TNLP - Foot Treatment 



Imagine having a few friends over for a girls' night in..... for a bit of banter and a bit of gossip





(photo courtesy of TNLP:


Now introduce some luxurious hand-made beauty products into the scene...... I'm talking facial cleansers & scrubs, serums, spa salt scrubs, shower ice creams & scrubs, whipped body butter, and lip scrubs and butters..... the whole works!

Pop Up (28 of 111) Pop Up (30 of 111) Pop Up (31 of 111) Pop Up (32 of 111) Pop Up (29 of 111)

(photos courtesy of Dave Pelham Photography:

A bit of sampling and testing..... a bit of old-fashioned pampering and indulgence


Let's get down and get...... clean!



What's next..... well..... it would be the perfect time to introduce something seasonal. 

Shower Ice Cream 2


Hmmmmm...... How about a workshop? 






How about making your very own personalised Shower Ice Cream in summer?





After all summer simply isn't summer without Ice Cream!




But do you think you'd actually enjoy making your very own personalised Shower Ice Cream or something similar?


Well, let's ask Nerissa, one of the guests at a recent Almere party:


They say a picture is worth a thousand words..........



Now after all that hard work - choosing your colour & scent and then mixing & labelling your very own Shower Ice Cream...... do you fancy a bit more pampering?

Sure you do!


Foot Spa

So how about kicking off your shoes and enjoying a heavenly home spa treatment?


A bit of a soak.......

....... a bit of a rub.......

...... a bit of butter cream and.....


.... Hey presto!

Foot Spa 2

Happy feet!


Good, yeah?


Yep.... I can hear your 'ooooohhhh's" and I can certainly hear your "Aaaaahhhhh's"


Yep - and I can hear you pondering - "How can I get me some of that pampering too?"


Well that's simple.


All you have to do is

and you and your friends could be pampered and indulged with handmade beauty products...... AND you'll be the most popoular friend in town if you host a Simply Pampered party (not to mention the fabulous benefits you could receive simply by being a host)




Did you know..... to book and join a pamper party is completely free!  The only charge is when you choose to take part in the workshop..... and that's optional.






Do you know where most Simply Pampered parties take place?

Well that would be in Almere, Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Heemstede, and Monnickendam...... yep - that's where you'll find the most pampered ladies in The Netherlands. 



To register your city as a pampered city, all you have to do is:


TNLP - Mini workshop


Very important message:  If you fancy joining a Simply Pampered party where you can make your own personalised Shower Ice Cream...... take a little hint from me....... you'd better hurry! 

This workshop will be replaced at the beginning of October..... and..... September is already looking pretty busy.

 (photo courtesy of TNLP:


If you've enjoyed this post, or if you've caught the Simply Pampered bug and want to share it with your friends, then just click on one or all of the buttons below:


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  1. Viv

    Thanks Dave :-)

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  2. Dave Pelham

    Marvellous! Good work Viv- I hope to be shooting more of you and your wonderful products for :) I'm sure you will have plenty of Simply Pampered Party bookings rolling in!

    Posted on

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