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Will you come a little walk with me?

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Will you come a little walk with me?

Will you join me on a tour?

It's a little introduction

to my products and so much more.

hand in hand


Today I thought we could take some time to being a walk together through some of my products and my services so, together, we can discover how I can help you celebrate your natural beauty.

Fancy the idea?

Along the way if you fancy something and want to read more about that product and/or service, then feel free to take a detour using one of the many links in this post.

I'll be here waiting for you to resume our walk again..... take your time.


body - mango

This week we'll dander amongst the Simply Skin products and next week, we'll have a peak at the many Simply Skin services.


Many of you already know the Simply Skin products inside-out.  And many of you are fabulous Simply Skin ambassadors, introducing your family and friends to my products by giving them gifts or just by telling them to 'try them out'.  And for that, I thank you.


But do you also know the concept behind the Simply Skin products? 

body - vanilla bodyWell it is exactly as the name suggests - they are based on recipes, created by me, which are kept simple; products which are designed to enhance your natural beauty using only the best ingredients - no nasty chemicals, just good old-fashioned quality skincare products.

But paramount to my products is your safety.  I have ensured I have ticked every box by attending courses, by putting all my products through safety assessment, by understanding the need to keep products natural but the more important need to keep them safe and when I'm faced with a 'natural versus safety' conundrum, safety will win every time.


For those of you who are new to Simply Skin and may not yet be familiar with my products, here's a quick guide:

japanese plum


For the shower, you have a one-weekly exfoliating treatment in my Spa Salt Scrubs which contain a mix of Dead Sea Salts and Epsom Salts.... so are chock-full of minerals and nutrients..... perfect for healthy, glowing skin


body shower ice cream - citrus zing


And for a bit of foam and luxury in the shower, you have Shower Ice Creams and Shower Ice Scrubs (which contain gentle exfoliants).  You will not find the popular (but harsh) foaming agent SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) nor will you find the controversial preservative, Parabens...... what you will find is a creamy, lusciously foamy shower product.


facial serum - dry skin


For your face, the Simply Skin Facial Serums are the perfect weekly treatment - 100% oils and essential oils.  Each recipe carefully designed to compliment your skin-type.




 And instead of soap, you have a choice of very mild yet luxuriously foamy Facial Cleansers and Facial Scrubs (containing gentle exfoliants).  My cleansers and scrubs have been tried by a number of customers with sensitive skin who feel that soap leaves their skin feeling very taught..... they're happy with my SLS- and Paraben-free alternative.



body butter - citrus zing

 And for your body.... well..... never in my wildest dreams did I think my Whipped Body Butters would be in as high a demand as they are.  gingerThere is one simple ingredient (or should I say 'lack of ingredient') that sets them apart from other brands and that's water (aqua).  I do not use water in my Whipped Body Butters..... all you get is a luxurious mix of butters and oils.  And that is because, like I said, I want only the best for your skin.  Especially in Winter, we want to use a heavy moisturiser to keep our skin fresh, healthy, and nourished..... and my Whipped Body Butters work a treat.



foot care1 copyAnd let's not forget about our feet..... ask any of my Simply Pampered Party hosts or guests and I guarantee you'll hear a "Wow" or a "Ahhhhh" when you mention a Simply Skin home spa Foot Treatment.... they've discovered the secret of pampered feet.  Have you?


Are you ready for a bit of pampering?



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