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Are you ready to continue our walk together?

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A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post "Will you come a walk with me?" about my Simply Skin products.

And I promised in that post to come back with a followup post about Simply Skin services...... but it's taken me a couple of weeks to have a moment to pull this together for you. And for that I apologise.

So rather than waste any more precious time, let's get started.

There is one service that I offer that many of you already know about and which many of you have already enjoyed as a host or a guest and that is...... Simply Pampered Parties.

2013-09-22 Saules Party 09

For those of you who have not yet hosted or joined a party, this is especially for you.

Simply Pampered Parties

The first question people usually ask is "What is a pamper party?".  You see in the UK 'Pamper Party' is a well-coined phrase but in The Netherlands it is lesser-known.

So let me explain: 

2013-09-22 Saules Party 06A Simply Pampered Party is a party which is held in the comfort a host's house.  The host then invites her friends to join her party.

On a few occasions, a host has booked a Pamper Party as a birthday treat.

It is also perfect for tired new Mums after he arrival of their little baby, or for brides-to-be who want a special night of pampering with her closest friends..... a Simply Pampered party suits every occasion and excuse to sit back, relax and have fun.



Did you know?  A Pamper Party is free to host and free to join.


A Simply Pampered Party is split into 3 parts:  pampering with Simply Skin products, optional mini workshop, and home spa foot treatment

First.... the pampering

2013-08-30 Stephanies Party 02Here you and your guests are invited to try products from the full, current Simply Skin collection

We're talking facial cleansers & scrubs, spa salt scrubs, shower ice creams & scrubs, whipped body butters, facial serums, lip scrubs, and lip butters.

Now be prepared..... you will be invited to get down and get..... clean! 

When you try my facial cleansers and scrubs, you will be encouraged to try them on your face as the skin on your face will react differently to the skin on your body...... so be prepared to go home with beautifully cleansed, make-up free skin.

But when you try the shower products, don't worry.... there won't be a queue at the bathroom door with shower towel in hand.  I ask you to try these on your hands only.


Next.... you will be invited to join the mini workshop. 

This is an optional extra (as I charge a small amount to cover ingredients and equipment) which has proved extremely popular. 

In the summer the workshop was making your very own personalised Shower Ice Cream or Scrub.  Here are some photos:

                       2013.07.07 Lisas Party 072013-06-28 Lanas Party 012013-08-30 Stephanies Party 032013-09-08 Janes Party 022013-09-18 Julies Party 022013-09-22 Saules Party 042013-09-24 Betsies Party 04

In the Winter season of 2013 this will be a mini body butter workshop..... I can't wait to be able to show you some photos of that workshop.... I guarantee it'll be loads of fun!


Finally..... the host and her guests are invited to sit back and relax..... and enjoy a home spa foot treatment - guaranteed to make you feel like you're walking on air after.

2013-08-30 Stephanies Party 07



Say farewell to tired, sore feet!.....




..... and hello to happy, dancing feet! 2013-06-28 Lanas Party 03

What a fabulous way to spend an evening or afternoon!!


But that's not all Simply Skin can offer you.


Are you a masseur with you own business?

Are you wanting to stand out of the crowd?

Or you run a luxury or boutique hotel?

And you want to offer your guests something unique?

Well then read on.......

Simply Skin can offer you custom-created products for use in your business.


Bespoke Professional Products

Because I offer my customers the very best quality products, you can be sure that by using my products in your massage business, you will be offering your clients the best quality serviceAnd as a client who benefits from regular massage, you would prefer to know that the best possible product is being used on your skin to give you maximum results, right?

What makes my products special?

Well my whipped body butters, for example, are true traditional body butters which are a combination of nourishing butters and moisturising oils.  Not a dribble of water in sight - so you receive only the best results...... there's nothing diluted about a Simply Skin body butter.

     body butter - coconut rufflebody butter - citrus zingvanillagingerjapanese plum

And because my products are all hand-made, I can tweek the recipe to suit your requiements.  For example, we can make your product unscented, or include essential oils.  We can change the butters and oils.  Together we can make the best product for your requirements.


The hotel industry is highly competitive.  How do you stand out from the crowd?

You offer a friendly and relaxing ambiance, right?  You offer large, spacious bedrooms with all of today's requirements (tv, wifi) without additional costs?  You offer 24 hour food service?

But so do all other hotels.  So how do you really stand out?

And as a traveller staying in a hotel, what do you look for?  A comfortable bed to lie in in a spacious bedroom?  A bath so you can relax and treat yourself to a bit of me-time, right?  Free access to wifi and internet?

But nowadays you can find all that in most hotels, right?

So what would make you want to return to a hotel or recommend it to friends?  There has to be something different, something very personal, right?

How about luxurious bathroom products which are safe and skin-friendly, which are lovingly made just for you, which are not available in any of the large retail stores because they are made specifically for that hotel?  Sounds special doesn't it.

This is exactly where Simply Skin can help your hotel stand out from the crowd and have your guests return time and time again.

 body - coconut rufflebody - vanilla bodyface - mango


And last but, most certainly, not least

Do you have a special occasion to celebrate?

Are you getting married and wishing to thank your guests in joining you to celebrate your marriage?  Have you just had a baby and want to say thank you to everyone who gave you a gift to celebrate the birth?  Are you celebrating a special birthday with friends and family?

If you are celebrating a special occasion then Simply Skin can help you thank your friends with a special occasion favour.


Occasion Favours

When we got married last year I wanted to show our guests that we were truly grateful for their support over the years and for their efforts to join us and celebrate our special day with us.

Wedding Favour - Pillow Box


So I made special favours for each guest to take home with them. 

Little favours that sat on the dining tables. 



Wedding Favour - Chest Box open



For those who travelled afar and stayed overnight in hotels so they could celebrate with us.... we left little travel boxes.






And for those who played a special part on our wedding day we left a special gift for them with a personalised note.



Do you know how many people thanked us? 

So many we couldn't count! 

Going that little bit further and making a personalised effort to thank our wonderful guests was truly and genuinely appreciated.

How do you want to thank your guests on your special occasion?


Did you realise how much Simply Skin can offer you?

At Simply Skin, I want to enhance your skin's health and natural beauty.  I want you to feel and know that you are truly special everyday.

And that's why I will go that extra mile for you and your friends.

If you want to read more about what Simply Skin can offer you, click here and select the option you wish to hear more about.



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