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New 2014 Collection hints

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Is it just me or this year simply flown by?

Tomorrow is November already..... wow.  And when November comes, close to follow is the new Simply Skin collection.

Yep... it's time for a change again.  Time to say farewell to some of this year's scents and hello to next year's new ones.

But which scents will stay and which will go? 

Hmmm...... now that's the double-edged question: it sends a shiver down the spine of many of my loyal customers and yet sends a wave of excitement and anticipation also.

body - coconut rufflebody - citrus zingbody - vanilla bodyface - red olive facebody - mango


Well..... I've been watching my sales and listening to your feedback and the 2 scents that simply cannot go are (drum roll, please):


face - mango Mango & Japanese Plum...... well it would be foolish to remove Simply Skin's best selling scent

vanilla Sandalwood & Vanilla...... because I don't fancy a rebellion on my hands


But that means that:

collection - coconut ruffleCoconut Ruffle

face - citrus zing Citrus Zing, and

red olive 2 copy Red Olive & Ginger

are all singing their last song in the coming weeks.

So if Coconut Ruffle, Citrus Zing, or Red Olive & Ginger is one of your favourites..... you better get down to the Simply Skin shop tout suite.


And what will replace these scents?

Well..... you know how I don't like to spoil a surprise so I'm going to keep you in the dark a little longer (except, of course, if you subscribe to the Simply Skin eNews...... you were let in on the gossip at the start of October already)


So here are a few hints:

One scent is not a scent

One scent is sweet, delicious and (almost) good enough to eat

One scent is refreshing and revitalising

One scent is designed especially for my perfume-sensitive customers

One scent is designed for my customers who have allergies and intolerances but are not perfume-sensitive

One scent is made from a popular blend of essential oils


Intrigued?  Then watch this space.......


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