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2014 Collection - Sneak Preview

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Warning: This blog post contains a number of amateur photographs..... my apologies (and that's exactly why I'm hiring professionals to do my products justice in the coming weeks)



Making of Sugar Scrub 03November has arrived already and, already it's complete and utter madness in the Simply Skin kitchen.

It seems like every day I'm in the kitchen making another new, scented product.... Vanilla Facial Cleanser 02


... and....... I just simply could not be happier.


Want to see what I've been up to?  What could be appearing on the Simply Skin shelves in the next couple of weeks?


Well here are a few teasers:

2014 Facial Packaging There may be some new packaging introduced to a couple of the products.......


.................. such as this Facial Scrub 2014 - Facial Scrub


There may be new colours.... some bright and vibrant..... 2014 Lip Scrubs

2014 Unlabelled Facial Scrub - new scent... others softer and more pastel


Whilst some products may look familiar... 2014 - Spa Salt Scrub ....they may smell very different


Even the swirls and piping will be changing..... through time IMG_6118


2014 Vanilla Fudge Lip Scrub

And products that weren't planned to have a facelift may just receive one anyway to make them even more yummy 


Are you excited yet?  I certainly am.......


Keep an eye on Facebook and, here, in my Blog for daily and weekly updates to whet your appetite.



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