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A taste of things to come....

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Hey everyone

It's been a while (a shameful 2 months to be exact) since my last blog post...... I'm sorry...... things were a tad crazy in the run-up to Christmas with Simply Pampered parties and online webshop sales.

2013-11-17 Mollys Party 012013-11-19 Deborahs Party 072013-11-23 Ausras Party 012013-11-26 Claires Party 03



2013-11-25 Small Villa Kinderopvang 11


I even managed to squeeze in my very first company Simply Pampered Party ......


........ and the very first Simply Create workshop party 2013-12-04 Carlys Private Workshop 01


When January finally arrived I was so exhausted I had to take a few days off to recover....... not that I'm complaining..... absolutely not! 


I love that Simply Skin is becoming better known by more and more people. 


And that more and more people are discovering the joys that my beauty products can bring to their skin. 

It definitely helps to have as many fabulous ambassadors as I clearly have, spreading the word, recommending my products and parties to friends.  I truly am blessed..... thank you!



But now I'm back. 

The boutique in Weesp has re-opened as has the webshop....

... but based on the number of trips I've had to the Post Office this week and how busy the boutique has been..... I think you already know that..... it's good to see you all again.


So new year, new Simply Skin?

Well..... yes, and no......

I'm always on a quest to improve and make you all even happier.


So a lot has stayed the same but there are also some changes:


2013-06-28 Lanas Party 02


Simply Pampered Parties.... this season I am introducing a new workshop - a personalised Spa Salt Scrub

Chose your own fruit/nut exfoliants, colours and scents to mix with a base of luxury salts and oils.



minty zest body butter

Some scents in the 2012/3 collection have gone and new ones have arrived

We've said a sad farewell to Coconut Ruffle, Citrus Zing, and Red Olive & Ginger (though you might still be able to get your hands on a few final products form the old collection in the current Simply Skin online sale)

And said a joyous and excited hello to Pure & Unscented, Minty Zest, and Chocolate Indulgence


And so far, I have to say, you seem happy with the changes.  Minty Zest, in particular, is a bit of a runaway train and could threaten Mango & Japanese Plum for the hot top spot..... it could be quite an exciting year!


2013-11-17 Mollys Party 08

In November (the busiest month for Simply Pampered parties), I learned a very valuable lesson:

I can't do it all on my own

So I'm pulling together a Pamper Party Consultants package so I can build a team who can help me spread the Simply Skin word and bring fun and excitement to more homes than I can currently do.  (If, by any chance, you know of anyone who would be perfect to help me, then feel free to drop me a note at: [email protected])


facial serum - skin recovery

Also in November, Simply Skin was invited to join the new shop added into the popular Delight Yoga studios in Amsterdam

And in December, Delight Yoga decided to also use Simply Skin Reed Diffusers in their studios.



2013-12-04 Carlys Private Workshop 01

Based on the success of the very first Simply Create workshop party in December (which, incidentally, was a combined brainstorming effort with a Simply Pampered guest) I have decided to work on rolling this out to run alongside the Simply Pampered parties.

I have to say the Simply Create evening was such a laugh and so much fun..... I think I enjoyed it every bit as much as the ladies who joined..... and if everyone enjoys the experience then it has to be seriously considered for a rightful place in the Simply Skin portfolio.


So there you have it folks...... a quick run-down of the past and look to what 2014 may have in store for us all.

Happy New Year!



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