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Some wonderfully kind words

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Hey everyone

This week I thought it would be lovely to say a huge thank you to all the customers, both old and new, who have recently, voluntarily, taken the time to share their positive product feedback with me.

As always.... I get so excited when I receive customer feedback.  And I truly appreciate the time you've taken to email me or drop me some feedback on my guestbook.

Please don't think I'm blowing my own trumpet...... I'm not.

I just believe I have the best customers and ambassadors in the world and want to give you a bit of the limelight for being so generous in your comments to me.


So first up....... drum roll, please........


Well it all started on the very first day of the year: January 1st

chocolate facial scrubI happened to be checking my Facebook page when I spotted that someone had posted a link to a blogpost they had written about a Simply Skin product they had received from a friend for their birthday: Chocolate Facial Scrub

The review was featured in and it went something like this:

Dutch: "Voor mijn verjaardag kreeg ik van mijn beste vriendinnetje Silvia (ja klopt, ik ben gezegend met 2 BFF’s !) een heerlijke chocolade scrub... Dit is dan ook niet zomaar een scrub, maar eentje van het merk Simply Skin. Dit bedrijf maakt alle producten met de hand en met de beste en verse ingrediënten... Het eerste wat me opvalt is de geur: Amazing!!! Hij ruikt heel vol en naar chocolade. Als ik m op mijn gezicht aanbreng voelt het heerlijk zacht. Eenmaal aan het scrubben voel ik iets wat ik nog nooit eerder heb gevoelt: Het schuimt, maar heel bijzonder en compact. Alsof ik chocolade mousse over mijn gezicht wrijf."

English: "For my birthday I got from my best friend Silvia (yeah right, I'm blessed with two BFF's!) a delicious chocolate scrub...This is not just a scrub, but one from the brand, Simply Skin. This company makes all the products by hand and with the best and freshest ingredients... The first thing I notice is the smell: Amazing!!! It smells really chocolately. As I apply it on my face it feels soft. Once I start scrubbing, I feel something I've never experienced beforelather, but very special and compact. As if I rub chocolate mousse on my face."

That's just a snippet of the review.... but it gives you a good flavour of it, doesn't it? 

If you want to read the full review, then simply check it out here.

p.s. apologies for my poor/loose English translation.


That review was enough to carry me through the next few months..... but it didn't stop there...... no...... there were more delights on their way:




Just after I re-opened after my Christmas/New Year break, I received two emails in quick succession from two customers wanting to re-order some products.



The reason for the first order was: "I'm running way low and it's the best stuff I've ever used!!"


japanese facial cleanserminty facial scrubfoor rub - revitalisingThis customer was talking about my facial cleansers, facial scrubs and spa foot scrubs.


And the reason quoted for the second order was: "I was hoping to get my simply skin fix! I am slowly replacing everything with simply skin as I run out."


Can you imagine the grins of delight and the happy dances I did in the boutique when I read these?  Let you imagination fly and you might have an idea.


And still it didn't end.


Let's welcome a first-time customer who order a few products and then couldn't help but write a fabulous email of thanks to me....... and, boy, did that make me feel good.

Here's what she said:

"Hi Vivienne,
I got the products yesterday! what a surprise! I have only great things to say!!! The packing was excellent and I see you not only put a lot of effort in doing it but also showed such care for the products (to arrive OK) and for the customer to get such a surprise when opening the box!
I could not wait to try the products... So I indulged myself in a nice shower last night to try the shower ice cream and afterwards the body butter...

minty shower ice cream
The shower ice cream is an amazing product! something I never tried before, the texture, the smell, the foamy sensation on my skin was fantastic! I even tried it on my face (I know it is NOT a facial cleanser!) but surprisingly it was great and so far so good up to now (no breakouts in my already prone skin...), I should say even better as my skin is smooth and left no oily sensation....



mango body butter

The body butter, what can I say more than an explosion of sensations again! the smell is so yummy! the texture again so right, not oily but melts on the skin...
I simply want to throw away all my beauty products and buy the rest of your collection...
Please do not change, keep doing high quality products!"


WOW..... WOW...... WOW

Like I mentioned before...... I have absolutely the best customers and ambassadors

And I am eternally grateful for all you comments


And then I had the best ever giggle, thanks to a customer who has been faithful to my products for over a year now...... she wrote this on my Facebook page:

"Is there a Rehab facility nearby for people who become addicted to your products, I think I may need it........"



If you also want to share your reviews, you can easily do so on the Simply Skin Guestbook just like other customers have.

Here's my latest comment from a Simply Pampered guest:

"Just had a lovely pamper session with my simply skin products and my skin feels lovely, soft and nourished. Also, the lovely lip scrub is almost good enough to eat! ;-) "

I love, love, love receiving your feedback because I love to hear how happy you are with your products. 

So feel free to share your feelings with me and the rest of the Simply Skin family.



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  1. Viv

    Thank you for your comment here and on the guestbook, Vanessa..... very kind of you.

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  2. Vanessa

    Well, you have prompted me to write in your guestbook, long overdue. Thanks Vivienne, keep up the good work!

    Posted on

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