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feedback & advice - the perfect combo

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Last week I received an email from a new customer and decided to create a blog post out of it as I know that many more of you are affected by similar issues touched on in this email.

Here's the email I received:

minty shower ice cream"I have been using for about a week the shower ice cream as face wash with no problems at all... in fact it gets better & better...
Due to my serious acne problems (already more than 25 years living with it... yeah... 1/4 of a century...) I decided to be brave and go for the drastic peelings... (yes there are other options but except taking for a long time antibiotics I tried almost everything) How does a peeling works? well a specialist does "treat" my skin with acids, I do get one treatment every 4 weeks to try to renew a big layer of skin... you can imagine that I have a very red (burned & irritated) skin for about a week after the treatment and obviously as the name says I am "peeling"... during the peeling days there is nothing except water I can hold on my skin without feeling it, everything burns and hurts a lot, but let's hope I will get rid of the problems without the antibiotics... Anyway I had a peeling last monday and I kept using the shower ice cream to clean my face, and guess what? NO BURNING!!!!! NO IRRITATION!!!!!!!! so I can add one more thing to my short list of products I can use on irritated skin, up to now I had only water in the list... and now it is water and shower ice cream Minty Zest!
Many thanks Viv!!!!"

There are a number of topics I could dive into from this email but I'm going to re-iterate the answer I sent to this customer in the hope that the information therein will help more of you.

Here's what I wrote:

"Thank you for that lovely feedback.

I think it's fortunate that you chose the Minty Zest Shower Ice Cream.  All the Shower Ice Creams contain very similar ingredients.  It's usually only the scent that changes.  And the scent in your Shower Ice Cream is made from a mix of lemon and peppermint essential oils.  But for added boost, I also incorporate lemon and lime fruit powders.  And the reason I think your choice was fortunate is exactly because of these ingredients:
Lemons (and limes) contain a supply of vitamins and minerals that is supposedly greater than any other food.  So that would be highly beneficial to damaged skin and also help to heal skin.  Additionally lemons (and limes) clean out toxins and is anti-bacterial..... both properties also beneficial to damaged skin.
Peppermint is known to be a soothing, calming and healing herb - hence the reason (I assume) that it also doesn't irritate your skin.
minty facial cleanserI would recommend that you move onto the Minty Zest Facial Cleanser at some stage (no rush).  Whilst the Shower Ice Cream is working well, the facial cleanser takes the product a step further, specifically for the face.  Both products have basically the same primary ingredients but the facial cleanser also includes Polyquat 7 which is a skin (and hair) conditioner, and white clay which is a very gentle clay suitable for all skin types (including acne).  It also contains apricot kernal oil which is a very gentle oil that can even be used on children.  Next time you order products, if you don't want to order a facial cleanser, then please remind me to send you a sample to try.
facial serum - skin recoveryThe other product in my range that you might wish to try at some stage is Skin Recovery Facial Serum which contains:
fractionated coconut oilfractionated coconut oil (lighter liquid form of coconut oil which gently fights the bacteria that causes acne),
argan oilargan oil (soothes red patches, itchiness, and can help heal acne),
evening primrose oilevening primrose oil (considered to be good for hormonal acne),
squalanesqualane (taken from olives and known as 'nature's facelift'),
rosehip oilrosehip oil (healing and encourages cell regeneration),
macadamia oilmacadamia oil (one the closest (less expensive) oils to jojoba which is the 'oil' that is most like your skin's natural oil),
rosemary essential oilrosemary essential oil (anti-bactieral),
and vitamin e (helps reduce redness and decrease breakouts).
I also used to make dry face masks i.e. face masks which only contain the dry ingredients and you added water, milk, juice etc as and when you need to make up a face mask.  One of my masks was designed for acne skin and I did get some excellent feedback about it.  I stopped making the masks because people tend to prefer to just have the ease of putting on a pre-mixed mask from a jar or packet without the bother of mixing it themselves..... but if you ever want to try it, I'll happily make some up for you.
Thanks and I hope you continue to enjoy your products
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