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Do you have kissable lips?

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Rumour has it that tomorrow is the most kissable day of the year - Valentine's Day!

So to get you all in a romantic mood, I thought we should do a short Q&A to make sure your lips are ready to kiss you through tomorrow.

So soften that music, dim those lights and let's check out those kissable lips of yours.


Drum roll, please.......


2013-11-255 Small Villa Kinderopvang 02

Question 1: When you lick your lips, do they feel bumpy and rough or soft and smooth?

If you answered soft and smooth..... fabulous..... don't waste a second - put those luscious lips into action right away!

But if you answered bumpy and rough.... then we have a little work to do.  It's not difficult.  All you have to do is pop into your bathroom and rub in some of your Simply Skin Lip Scrub for 30 seconds before washing it off with warm water.

"Ahhhh..... I've no Simply Skin Lip Scrub!"  I hear you shriek.... well here's a simple alternative to get you through tomorrow:  take a teaspoon of fine sugar (please make sure the grains are fine and small so they aren't too abrasive on your lips) and a few drops of olive oil until the mixed consistency is damp (like wet sand), then gently rub a little into your lips for 30 seconds before washing off with warm water. 


lime lip scrub

Question 2:  When you wear lipstick does it look slick and smooth on your lips and stay on for a long time or does it look a bit rough and ready and is gone in a short time?

If you answered slick and smooth, then congratulations..... you clearly look after your lips and scrub them once a week to keep them soft and smooth

If you admitted to be a bit rough and ready, then let's grab your Simply Skin Lip Scrub and gently exfoliate those lips until they are beautifully irresistible.  If you still do not have a Simply Skin Lip Scrub then, check out the simple recipe in answer to Question 1 above..... and then head on over here and order the weekly treatment your lips are crying out for.


Fact: Did you know that by exfoliating your lips once a week you can avoid getting painful chapped lips?  If you don't believe me, ask some of my customers who used to be victims of chapped lips but now, thanks to my lip scrubs, have kissable lips 24/7.


chocolate lip butter

Question 3: Do you regularly wear lip butter or lip balm?

If you answered with a resounding 'yes' then let me applaud you - you know how to keep your lips moist and nourished.... and ready for that perfect Valentine's kiss.

However if you said 'no' then you might find that your lips are feeling a bit on the dry side, looking a bit bumpy and maybe even chapped?  Using a simple lip butter or lip balm can help keep your lips looking and feeling healthy every day.




2013-11-255 Small Villa Kinderopvang 03

Question 4: Go get your favourite lip product.  On the ingredients label does it list any of these words: mineral oil, petrolatum, petroleum, paraffin, ethylene oxide, 1-4 – dioxane?

If you answered 'yes' then did you know that your lip product contains petrochemicals?  Mineral oil etc can cause a lot of problems:

  • they may promote sun damage (which kind of contradicts what a lip butter, for example is designed to do),
  • they tend to interfere with the body's own natural moisturizing mechanism leading to dry skin and chapping,
  • they place a non-breathable barrier on your lips which means that the toxins which are trying to get out of your lips can't escape and are forced back into the lips,and
  • they can be very addictive..... do you notice that you have to use your lip butter more and more and more?

Basically you are being sold a product that creates the very conditions it claims to alleviate. Manufacturers who use mineral oil etc do so simply because it is unbelievably cheap.

What I recommend is using a lip butter which is chockful of yummy ingredients such as shea butter, aloe butter, sweet almond oil.  Wonder where you get your hands on one of these?  Well..... look no further.


How kissable will your lips be tomorrow?

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