unique-to-you collection

Welcome Beautiful

I'm so excited to be working with you to create your very own unique, exclusive and personal skincare collection.

We are going to have such a enlightening journey of discovery and design together. And at the end of our journey you will have your very own personalised and unique collection of Simply Skin products... something truly special, just for you.

Below is a detailed description of what happens next and the beautiful journey we shall travel together.

our journey together...

You shall be invited to pay for your unique-to-you collection either in full (€2,500) or in two equal instalments (€1,250 each), whichever you feel suits you best.

Once you make your initial payment, I shall send you a link to the "Unique-To-You Collection" questionnaire. Please take time to complete this questionnaire in as much detail as possible so so we can design a fragrance that perfectly suits you, highlights your personality and is truly unique.

Upon receiving your completed questionnaire, if I have any questions I shall contact you using the email address you provide. Please be sure to whitelist/enable emails from [email protected] into your inbox, especially if you have a gmail account, to avoid any possibility of them going array, into your spam box. I shall confirm receipt of your questionnaire within 2 working days and if I have any questions, I shall contact you within a week of my receipt confirmation.

When we both feel our concept of the type of fragrance you desire is in alignment, I shall send details of your fragrance to my perfumier, who shall begin to create your fragrance. Once I have received a sample of your bespoke fragrance, I shall make a sample shower ice cream which I shall send for you to try.

If you are not fully happy with your bespoke fragrance, you can ask to have it altered up to 3 times. Each time it is altered, I shall make you a new sample shower ice cream for you to try. An alteration is a minor adjustment made to a fragrance. It does not constitute a full re-design. Please note that if you require more than 3 adjustments to the fragrance, there may be a additional cost.

Each time an alteration is requested, it can take approximately 4 - 6 weeks for the fragrance and sample shower ice cream to be created and delivered to you.

Once your fragrance has been designed to your liking, my perfumier will create a full batch of fragrance, just for you. As soon as I receive the fragrance from the perfumier, I shall handmake your personalised skincare collectionwhich should keep you pampered for 3 months... or more. Your collection shall include 3 whipped body butters (large - 250ml), 3 spa salt scrubs (125ml), 1 shower ice scrub (125ml), 3 shower ice creams (125ml), 1 facial scrub (60ml), 1 facial cleanser (60ml) and 2 roll-on perfume oils (5ml).

Please allow up to 6-8 weeks for your products to be created and shipped to you.

Please note that this fragrance is designed only for you for use in Simply Skin products. My perfumier cannot sell this fragrance to anyone but Simply Skin and I, as Simply Skin, shall not use this fragrance in any other products, personalised or otherwise.

The price of this package includes consultations, up to 3 alterations to the fragrance, all tester products, all postage charges and the initial 3-month product package. The price excludes future orders of your collection after the initial 3-month package.

Once payment (or initial instalment) is received, our journey together has begun and your payment or deposit cannot be refunded. Should you choose the option to pay in two equal instalments, please note that the second instalment shall be required after your fragrance has been finalised and before I begin creating your collection.

If you have any concerns or questions at this point, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected], or fill out my contact form, here >

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